Fake „leftists” and „anarchists” in Ukraine: Western tools to destroy leftists and promote fascist ideology in colonized Eastern Europe

Anarcho Communista

svoboda-boyEver since the maidan coup was unleashed at the end of November 2013 in Ukraine, there was a relentless propaganda from within Ukraine, supported by western capitalists, in dismantling the only real opposition to the colonization of Ukraine and turning this 46 million people land into a NATO’s war playground. This opposition is embodied by marxist Borotba.

While western propagandists defended – directly or by omission – the fascist coup which turned Ukraine into a prey for western corporations, war playground for NATO, a money machine for Ukrainian oligarchs and western-backed NGOs by waging the privatized civil war against Donbass people, brutal dispossession of working people by IMF, and the destruction of Ukraine’s industry by EU, they concentrated their efforts in discrediting Borotba and actually any leftist who called out the NATO-supported fascists and nazis.

For western capitalists the only opposition they can tolerate is the one they control, and…

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