ISIS is back – just in time to prove we do need the surveillance state after all



Those of our readers who have been watching the BBC documentary about Operation Gladio we published yesterday, might find it interesting to watch the current roll-out of the latest horrific terrorist attacks over on the Guardian today.

In Kuwait people are blown up in a Mosque. In France a decapitated body “with a message written on” was found at the scene of an alleged attempt to blow up a factory. In Tunisia “multiple deaths” are reported (anywhere between 13 and 27) at a resort where unidentified men opened fire.

The perpetrators of the Tunisian outrage have yet (as of 2pm BST) to be identified, though probably not for long, but in France the narrative is already clear. An ISIS flag was found near the unfortunate decapitated remains. Case closed.

ISIS, the insurmountable, indestructible, undefeatable multi-billion dollar terrorist network oil empire, with its own currency, its own banking…

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