After Nazis crushed 8 year old girl under their tank in East Ukraine, Kyiv orders “shoot to kill” civilians

When Ukrainian army can’t fire at and bomb civilians in the east, they still find ways to exterminate the local population: they run them over with tanks.

In Konstantinovka, 8 year old Polina and, possibly*, her mom were crushed to death on a sidewalk, near a school, when Ukrainian Nazis ran them over with their tank. Another baby who was with them was badly injured.

[*The information about the death of the woman comes from the locals and the Donetsk rebels, it has been denied by the government in Kyiv, but they also denied the 8 year old girl died.]

[UPDATE March 20, 2015: Ukrainian Gestapo found in the killing of Polina a perfect opportunity to wipe out the local communist resistance to the post-coup fascist government in Kyiv. The editor of the “Working Class” magazine, Communist Alexander Bondarchuk was arrested on March 18, 2015, by the Ukrainian Gestapo (SBU) following political orders of the ruling junta. Invoking fabricated materials, the court arrested him.

In Konstantinovka, another communist, Communist party Denis Chubakha, was kidnapped by Ukrainian Gestapo. After the Nazis crushed the locals’ protests over the killing of Polina by Kyiv soldiers, Ukrainian Gestapo and the Nazis from Right Sector (UNA-UNSO) turned to a wave of arrests and kidnappings. 

Western media are totally silent on the killing of Polina by Ukrainian tanks and on the fascist repression which followed in this town.


Polina, 8 year old, crushed* by a tank of the Ukrainian army in Konstantinovka.

[*According to the “ministry of truth” in Ukraine, she is not dead:



This photo was taken in Rada, the parliament of Ukraine last fall after nazis were elected as parliamentarians; it urges Ukrainian army to literally crush under their tanks the people of eastern Ukraine, whom they call “terrorists”.


Ukrainian parliament can say they delivered their promise to the people in the east who are under their control.


These are the Nazi killers who were driving the tank, they were almost lynched for killing the 8 year old, because the inhabitants in the east know the Ukrainian state will protect them.

The image of the dead girl and of the stroller smashed by the tank sent a shock wave throughout the city, and led to an uprising by the locals, who attacked the Nazis and tried to chase them away from their city. The state responded in the most sinister way possible: it urged police “to shoot to kill” civilians to punish them for not accepting that the Nazis had the right to massacre their children.

” If someone in Kostyantynivka takes arms to oppose the laws of the Ukrainian authorities, using this accident for mass collision, (troops) will fire one warning shot, and then will be shooting to kill. If there is no time, they will be shooting to kill, ” —  Anton Gerashchenko, deputy of the party “People’s Front”.

[UPDATE: They did fire at people protesting, and the next day, another Ukrop killed another civilian: 


Post by RT.

[Other Ukrainians want to gas the people from the east who protest the government troops killing their children; UAF are the Armed forces of Ukraine:CAST5I-WoAEz6ds

ukr propaganda mindblowing





One of the Nazis who killed Polina.

Hundreds of locals rioted after the killings. Nazis were deployed from Kramatorsk to disperse and crush their protests.


Even the inhabitants who up to these killings supported the Ukrainian army took it to the streets to chase them away from the town.


People took it to the streets after the Nazis got away without any police daring to question them anything; their commanders sheltered them, with no intent to subject them to medical tests to see if indeed they were drunk.


At night, more Nazis from UNA-UNSO (Right Sector) were deployed in the town to crush the protests.

There are suspicions that Kyiv tried to provoke a breaking of the cease-fire, known as Minsk II. In the previous day they deployed up to 5,000 troops and 34 tanks towards Donetsk, and resumed shelling this city. Konstantinovka, near Kramatorsk, is located on the demarcation line between the rebel controlled territories and those controlled by Kyiv.


But more than that, these killings are already another indictment of the fascist government in Kyiv: they prove, once more, that the post-coup Kyiv indeed sees the local population on the territories they control in the east as “bugs” to be crushed, literally – as it is demanded by the ideology of their “national revolution,” and as it is believed by the Nazis and by the leaders of Ukraine.

[UPDATE: 5 locals from Konstantinovka, who participated in the rebellion, have been arrested. They face 5 to 8 years in prison, because they expressed legitimate anger at the killings by the government troops. They killed nobody; just protested the government killings. 

Whilst the killer faces just 10 years, after he crushed a kid with a tank.  If you work for the government, you enjoy the privilege to kill. Indeed. This should be called so, not justice.]

ATO beetle

How the Nazis of Ukraine see the inhabitants of eastern Ukraine, whom they also call “occupants”, “Colorado beetle”, “Vatniks” etc. This is translated in the actions of the state against people of Donbass.


This account is one of the “internet soldiers” behind the fascist coup and the civil war in Ukraine; here they praise the burning alive of the anti-government protesters in Odessa on May 2, 2014 massacre; they literally see their victims as “Colorado beetle”.

nazis death to separatists

This is another Nazi page; they demand that people in Donetsk be hanged after they caught one of the Ukrops (how Ukrainian troops call themselves) who had bombed Donetsk for months; people were furious after the Ukrainian armies bombed a bus full of workers in one of the daily terrorist attacks they committed against the population of eastern Ukraine.

It might have been an accident – influenced by the Nazis’ assumption that they must kill anyone in the east to purify the land (and their blood, according to their Nazi ideology) of those they cannot subjugate and convert to accept Nazi Bandera and “the superiority” of “the god-sent Ukrainian master race”. Even so, it still falls under the same policy Kyiv has enforced in the east of the country, ever since they confiscated state power following the February 2014 coup masterminded by the United States: the use of terror to achieve political means (to create their Aryan empire on the territory of Russia) and to systematically instill in the minds of the local population their view of them: “biomass” to be used in whatever way – even annihilation – suits Kyiv; slaves to either exploit or kill.

This explains the grotesque reactions coming from the supporters of the Nazis, and the official state attempt to again justify and excuse the Nazi killers and place the blame on the side of the victims, and even directly on the victims. Some Kyiv propagandists even suggested the girl ran towards the tank to be crushed.

Some locals from Konstantinovka, a town occupied by Nazis since July last year, say the Nazis were drunk. What is certain is that they drove the tank with such a speed that it knocked down a cement block-post. The woman and the girls had no chance to get out of the way.

The total disregard for the lives of the locals – especially since the Nazis have killed more people during the civil war, crushing them in their cars with tanks – is explained by the total a priori impunity they enjoy from the state institutions which they control. Killing civilians on the territories they control in the east is not considered a crime by the government of Kyiv, who invents the most absurd lies possible to get the Nazi killers off the hook and show the population in the east that they indeed are “lesser humans”, or to quote the Nazis, the Ukrop president and IMF’s premier: “sub-humans”.

The contrast is even more visible since in the same day, in their stronghold, the Nazis arrested the chief of the Volyn traffic police, Vladimir Gaiyovy, who while drunk driving, damaged 4 cars (not children, cars) in Lviv. (To even more prove they are the law, the Nazis also attacked with knives students in their beds in Lviv; 3 are injured. The aggressor recently returned from the civil war in the east and, in his defense, he claimed he was under stress. Except that in Lviv these Nazis attacked people they suspected did not share their views or who did not want to submit to them long before the civil war; not to mention that they always attacked and terrorized anyone who expressed leftist views.)

Kyiv is not only trying to eliminate the civilian population in the east, but they kill locals to provoke Moscow to invade them so that United States’ much desired war with Russia can happen. Unites States behave in the same way, with the intent to justify their war against Russia not as one which they relentlessly fabricate, but as an act which places them on the side of “the victims”. They are nothing of the sort but they believe just like Hitler did that truth is what the victor says it is.

(Just days ago, a US general, Bob Scales, said “they must start to kill Russians” to preserve “freedom of speech.” Russia wants to prosecute him for instigating to mass murder. The Pentagon plans a huge budget to arm them so they can keep the civil war going.)

Locals in Konstantinovka were so shocked and horrified by the killings – the girl died on the spot – that they tried to lynch the Nazis. These jumped into a car and ran to their headquarters, a hostel which was soon surrounded and attacked by some 700 locals. They were evicted from there and taken to Kramatorsk.

Kyiv’s first formal reaction was to announce they and their commanders were fired, and said they will “investigate” the killings. Kyiv’s credibility in investigating crimes and massacres of the population in the east is non-existent. After Kyiv announced they will “investigate” the Nazis, the adviser of the Ukrop president invented a story to excuse the killers; he lied that the Nazis were attacked with stones by locals and this is why they got “scared” (he forgot they are warriors of the light and crusaders) and ran over the woman and the two little girls. This lie again exposes the cruelty of the government in Kyiv.

When the Ukrop president’s adviser was lying, locals were rioting. They burned the doors of the offices of the Ukrainian army, smashed police cars, broke windows, while constantly calling the state uniforms “fascists” and urged them to “go back to Kyiv”. The government deployed some 300 Nazis, who isolated streets with barbed wire, used helicopters and it seems even fired at protesters. Two people seem to have been wounded.


Locals in Konstantinovka attacked SBU (Ukrainian Gestapo) and Army HQs to force the Nazis get out of their town.


One of the police cars after the locals attacked it.



“Eyewitness: local time 22:44 – “They started shooting at us, our group has retreated. Now we’re going to the site of the accident. Ukies have returned to one of the smashed up hostels, they’re putting back the sandbags we’ve thrown around.”

There was no compassion for the brutal killings from Kyiv; on the contrary, Kyiv propagandists demanded that locals be exterminated with the rockets they got from the Americans; that they should all be killed anyway. Notice how locals in the east are called “separatists”, “rebels”, and, of course “vatniks” (which is an ideological term to denigrate the people from eastern Ukraine because they are Russians and hard working people who know their rights).

vatniks US

People of eastern Ukraine are called Vatniks by the rest of the country now, after the Nazis imposed the term in mainstream public opinion, because they are working people who want their rights respected.

Ostlung Putin Vatnik at kremlin

Vatnik comes from “vata”, the material from which warm clothing for working people were made during the Soviet Union, since, duh, winters in Ukraine are very harsh. This term is used by Nazis with the intent to denigrate hard working people and to prove just how much they hate them they associated it here with Putin whom they want to overthrow and consider the embodiment of their arch-enemies.

Ostlund cops from US message as maidan message for russia

This Kyiv and war propagandist fails miserably even at trolling, but he could tell this to the government of Ukraine who gave their Nazi police green light to shoot to kill people who protest their government.


How Ukrainian Nazis see Russia.

Several examples, from this source and this:

The Dickhead Rivne @hu_rivne:

Let’s fuck Konstantinovka usign Javelins, because we can.


Terror and assassination, the worst cruelty possible are seen among the highest virtues by Ukrainian Nazis. This is not sarcasm, they literally mean that they are a terror machine.


The separatists are trying to take revenge in Konstantinovka through a bloody riot.

Genuine_Female_Resident_of_Gorlovka @Innuija03
#Konstantinovka Do you even have sane people there? Get together and kick the shit out of vatniks! There will be no more pension tours! (“pension tourism” has been one of the sickest accusation invented by the prime-minister of Ukraine, Nuland’s Yatsenyuk, who was enraged that the people they bombed in east Ukraine had left their homes – that is, they did not stay to be killed by the Ukrainian army – and that they only come back in their cities to collect their pensions, which the Ukrainian government refused to pay, stealing them, as a method to fasten the destitution, poverty and hunger of the local population; this method failed too to convert them to Bandera).


One of the “terrorists” in Donetsk, rushing home after Ukrainian army bombed her house; she is passing by the body of a man who was killed in the shelling, him too “a terrorist” according to the Kyiv government.

Nastya Solnyshkova:

And why nobody is mentioning that the woman who was entrusted with a small child couldn’t look after the child!!!!!! and for her own child. How could she do that!!!! One must be on the lookout for her own children, and even more so for someone else’s children!!!! And in general, the 11-year-old child must understand that she CANNOT just run on the road!!!! (the woman is to blame that she was walking on the sidewalk when Nazis ran over them).

Maxim Komarov:
I just got a call, there is a crowd there, pushed by the FSB (Russian secret service) provocateurs, they break windows in the building where the soldiers are stationed.


Shocked and furious locals try to stop the Nazis from leaving the site of their crimes, attacking them and screaming at them that they are fascists:

These images have been filmed in the first minutes after the killings; people are in shock. Images are graphic:

Riots in Konstantinovka, English subtitles:

People set fire to the barracks Ukrainian occupants in Konstantinovka
Days ago, Ukrops crushed another car in traffic.

Images filmed the next day in the morning, showing the aftermath of riots against Kyiv’s Nazis:

The next day, on March 17, locals organized protest and a meeting and told the government they will no longer accept Ukrainian uniforms on their streets. They want the army to be evicted from the city and moved outside their locality. There was no response from the government to their demands.
Other Ukrainian tanks who crushed civilians in east Ukraine:

nov 12 donetsk 1


Some of the first tanks deployed by Kyiv against the population in the east (Slavyansk); people stop it with their bare hands and force them to go back.



This is the mayor of Riga, crushing local people’s cars  because they parked them on  the side of the road. No wonder Nazis have made a comeback in  his country too; they marched for Waffen SS on March 17, 2014.



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