In its 523 Year, West’s Conquest Goes Nuclear

How the West turned Ukraine in their casus belli for war with Russia

When 50,000 people are slaughtered with impunity in a civil war, which officially does not exist in Ukraine (1), western “democracies” call this “a revolution of dignity”.

They feel “dignified” when a government they supported bombed children in their homes while they were doing their homework. A darling Nazi of theirs has even called it “the revolution of kindness”, which probably is so for them, since they believe that cruelty, bloodshed, burning people alive and terror are virtues. They did not get to torture children prior to killing them, like those they consider today “national heroes” did in their days of glory; probably this seems “kind” to them.


This 6 year old girl was killed on June 8 in Slavyansk when the Ukrainian army bombed her home; one of the hundreds of children bombed in their homes by the Kyiv government.

Such an appetite western imperialists have discovered they have for “revolutions” (how they call colonization these days), that they are willing to risk a nuclear war to see their “ideals” become reality. Actually all that happened in the past year is the mis-en-scene for such a war that United States strives for. Western propaganda still claims that Nazis in Ukraine are a marginal sector, when in fact they have colonized state police, they have been incorporated in the army, and in the security forces, they control universities, positions in administration and government, they are in the parliament, their staunchest ally is the prime-minister of Ukraine (IMF’s man), and their word is law for the president of Ukraine. The United States’ department official Victoria Nuland lied to the US Congress that they were “a minority”, when in fact they represented the main force which confiscated state power in February 2014. It’s not just some battalions in the civil war, as Ukrainian ambassador to Germany lied when interviewed by a German channel (2); it’s politicians, university professors, what they call “professional elite”, journalists, NGOs. During the 2013-2014 coup they were presented in the media as some spontaneous movement which came out of nowhere, when in fact they were the organizers and determined the escalation of violence and bloodshed so that the coup can be legitimized on the blood of their own (3). Unlike other countries, in Ukraine, the politicians are the political arms of the militarized Nazis, not the other way around. Their only masters are some oligarchs who finance them, and not even those in some cases.

The Nazis rewrote the history to turn it into their ideological propaganda, and their political views have been imposed on the rest of the society with sheer violence over the past year. These Nazis are spread in different political forces to create the impression that there are more political parties, in fact wherever they are they follow the same ideology and program: that of UNA-UNSO, the political and ideological heirs of fascist and totalitarian OUN and UPA. The only difference as compared to Nazi mass criminals from OUN/UPA is that their arch-enemies, the Russians, are the first and main group of population they want to exterminate now, while other minorities they intend to assimilate. They trained and were trained for the February 2014 fascist coup for years, and they were fiercely supported by the fascist Ukrainian diaspora, especially those in the United States and Canada. (See separate blog about what “the national revolution” means in Ukraine, who, how and why have imported it from Ukrainian fascist diaspora.)

Since Ukraine has been “maidanized”, a year ago, they returned to their official chant “Glory to Ukraine (Slava Ukraini!), “Glory to the Heroes!”(Heroiam Slava!), often followed by “Death to enemies!” 

This was adopted by OUN Bandera as the official chant of the Ukrainian state in 1941, when they also adopted the fascist salute as their national salute. Both, the chant and the fascist salute, are implicit to each other.

This is significant because the return to the Akt of June 30, 1941, in which Yaroslav Stetsko explicitly pledged Ukrainians’ loyalty to Hitler and Nazi Germany, was a constant demand by fascist Svoboda after 1991.

Unites States Secretary of State John Kerry officially recognized the fascist salute of Ukraine as such, in an official document he sent to Ukraine, praising the February 2014 coup d’etat in Kyiv.


Lviv 1943, SS Galicia “volunteers” – recruited by OUN, members of UPA – parade.


Nazi crusaders from Azov showing their loyalty to Hitler and doing a sign to salute ISIS-like terrorists; this photo was taken October 2014 on the front in eastern Ukraine.

14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Galician) parading in Lviv, 1943

UPA parading in Lviv in 1943 as part of 14th Waffen Galicia Division of the SS (1st Ukrainian); in the past two years they had exterminated hundreds of thousands of Jews, Russians, after previously exterminating entire populations of Poles, before the invasion of Germany. They either deny these massacres and pogroms or justify and take pride in them, there is absolutely no remorse, or regret. They also massacred lots of Ukrainians whom they could not subjugate, communists, socialists, Soviet partisans to pursue towards their “national revolution” whose ideological aims coincided with those of Nazi Germany regarding Russia and their views on “the Aryan blood”.

After the celebrations of one year since the coup in Kyiv, in south-east Ukraine, in the town of Tsurupinsk people vandalized the memorial to “the heroes of heavenly Sotnia”, how the dead from the maidan are called. Their names were covered in shit.


This picture was taken during the coup d’etat in Kyiv; it was placed there by UNA-UNSO (the heirs of OUN/UPA). History of UPA, OUN and Bandera has been totally rewritten so that OUN’s “national revolution” could be pursued for the creation of an “Aryan Ukrainian empire” “by God’s will”, on the lands which are the territories of Russia. OUN and UPA were Nazi collaborators, willing and enthusiastic participants and even instigators in the Holocaust committed in eastern Europe together with Hitler’s death squads.


50,000 people are estimated by German intelligence to have been slaughtered in the civil war in eastern Ukraine, in less than a year. Villages and cities were systematically bombed by the Ukrainian uniforms and the region, which produced 15% of Ukraine’s GDP is destroyed to such extent that was only seen during the WWII.


Nazi UPA march as SS Galicia division in Lviv, 1943. History has been rewritten – in particular by the US and Canada governments and by an army of historians – also with the intention to portray the lie that they were “fighting the Soviets and the Nazis”, in a premeditated systematically enforced attempt to equal Nazism and state Communism, and with the intention to demonize the Soviet Union, and hide their own crimes committed as members and collaborators of Hitler’s death squads on the eastern front. The equal sign must be forced between the two also to keep leftists (anti-capitalists) down and deny them the space to challenge capitalism, and to relentlessly discredit them in times of growing capitalist crises (anti-capitalists are much more diverse than mainstream “experts” admit).


UPA parading in Lviv in 2011, they are considered heroes in Ukraine and the post-fascist coup ruling power wants to force Ukrainians pay them special war pensions for war crimes and atrocities they never faced justice.

A CIA memo from July 1958 described the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) as “monolithic in character, violently anti-communist, and totalitarian in concept. It is headed by Stepan Bandera with Mr Stetsko being second in command.”

Mr.Stetsko (left) greeting Nazi occupants of his country

In the left of this picture, Stetsko greeting the Nazi occupiers in 1941. See separate photo blog.


Stetsko and Bush in the United States in the ’80; Reagan told the Ukrainian Nazi that “your dream is our dream.”

A memo from 1946 said that in supporting Bandera, US should know that his gang was “a terrorist organization, determined to accomplish its objectives by terroristic means,” and that this was why the Soviets were preoccupied with them. The war in Ukraine between the Soviets and Bandera’s Nazi terrorists continued until 1953, and in fact it never stopped.


Ukrainian Nazis ceremony in Lviv, 1943. History is continuously rewritten and turned into a brutal fascist and military ideological indoctrination, as state policy in Ukraine after the fascist coup of 2014. Prime-Minister Yatsenyuk, the staunchest political ally of Azov’s Nazis, has even told a German TV that “the Soviet Union invaded Germany”, when he knows very well that UPA and OUN secretly helped Hitler plan Operation Barbarossa. The president of Ukraine has approved UPA’s day to be national day in Ukraine, and has forbidden the celebration of the Soviet Union’s defeat of Nazism, which was celebrated on February 23rd. (See separate blog on OUN-Bandera/UPA history and how they are rehabilitated after the western-backed coup in Kyiv in February 2014, and why this is important to understand what “the national revolution” means in Ukraine.)

These are the people United States, UK, Germany, Sweden, Canada and Australia have brought to power in Ukraine in the coup of February 2014. They are the sons, the nephews, and the ideological and political heirs of the Nazi terrorist UPA and OUN. 

The commandments of the totalitarian and fascist OUN/UPA, justifying mass slaughter, torture, rape, slavery “in the name of Ukraine”; those who follow them are the ones who control state power in post-coup Ukraine:

“1. Attain a Ukrainian State or die in battle for It.

2. Do not allow anyone to defame the glory or the honor of Your Nation.

3. Remember the Great Days of our efforts.

4. Be proud of the fact that you an heir of the struggle for the glory of Volodymyr’s Trident.

5. Avenge the death of Great Knights.

6. Do not speak of the cause with whomever possible, but only with whomever necessary.

7. Do not hesitate to commit the greatest crime, if the good of the Cause demands it.

8. Regard the enemies of Your Nation with hate and perfidy.

9. Neither requests, nor threats, nor torture, nor death can compel You to betray a secret.

10. Aspire to expand the strength, riches and size of the Ukrainian State even by means of enslaving foreigners.”


Badge on Ukrainian uniforms urging them to take slaves from east Ukraine.


nazi salute ukr army

Ukrainian military in the civil war waged against eastern Ukraine showing their historical loyalty has remained unchanged: they are doing the Hitler salute, just like OUN and UPA did.


Boys in Krasny Liman kidnapped by Ukrainian Nazis on June 5, 2014. It seems they took them to the civil war by force. Most are 18-20 years old.

una unso kremlin on fire

sna wishing to attack moscow

This was posted by all pages of the Ukrainian Nazis and it shows Moscow is their aim in the civil war they wage against the population of Donbass. That’s a swastika on the helmet.

una unso program applied today national revolution

UNA-UNSO program for “the dictatorship of the nation”, step by step enforced by the state of Ukraine after the February 2014 fascist coup.

U.S.’s Karl Rove: “We’re an empire now, we create our own reality.” 

Ukraine is the breaking point of the confrontation between the West and Russia which did not take place at the time of the World War II, and has been turned into a weapon which the West has no reluctance to use in their attempts to conquer Russia, which is one of the most desired prizes of the 523 year old Conquest (today it’s also called imperialism) (4).

It’s relevant that the allies Moscow has found to counter-attack Western hegemony all come from the lands devastated by the Conquest along the history: Latin America, India, China, Cuba, South Africa.

The coup in Kyiv was the first step towards the aggression against Russia – in less than a year, US-NATO tanks paraded 1 km from the Russian border. Still, NATO has the audacity to complain that Russia treats them as enemy. This aggression grew gradually, as Moscow found ways to respond by counter-attacking and dismantling the casus belli it saw being fabricated. Along this crisis, Russia proved it does not want NATO’s war, but it also showed the West that it is willing to respond to their attacks (NATO finds this “outrageous”, of course).

Ukrainian officials instigate and plead for nuclear war: “We are not afraid” of “nuclear war”, not saying a single word about the tens of thousands of civilians the Ukrainian army and Nazis have systematically slaughtered, not mentioning one word about the over a million war refugees and displaced persons, or about the tens of thousands of Ukrainians who flee the country not to go kill in eastern Ukraine. They instigate nuclear war from positions which express state policy. This policy is identical to that promoted by the Nazis and fascists in their propaganda, ideological programs, and political actions; their views are mainstream political opinion in Ukraine (western propaganda keeps lying they are a “minority”; Canadian media even raise funds for them).

One of the first “revolutionaries” at the maidan on November 21st 2014, Svoboda’s Irina Farion, said “Ukraine must become the epicenter of another global war,” “the spearhead of the World War III”, “a victorious spearhead”, of course. This person, Farion, talked to uniforms who were deployed to crush eastern Ukraine (they call this “anti-terrorism” operation, though in reality is state terrorism, ethnic cleansing and political and ideological massacres), she told them: “You are the chosen ones, precisely you, the best of the best. You have been chosen to make us not only the nation of fighters, but also a revenging nation. You are going to revenge upon our enemies cruel and tough.“ The “enemies” (they usually call them “occupiers”) are the people in Russia after they are done with the inhabitants of eastern Ukraine. Yulia Timoshenko even demanded that the Russian speaking people in the east be “nuked”.

Western media is quite in line with Svoboda’s Farion: they presented nuclear war as “necessary” (The Economist), and even “progressive” (New York Times).


“The Economist, world’s sleaziest magazine”, read why here.

After the second World War, the Nazis who were adopted by the United States constantly instigated Washington to drop atomic bombs on the Soviet Union. Churchill also demanded United States nuke Russia. Truman administration even planned a 30 days military campaign during which US would have dropped 70 nuclear bombs on the Soviet Union to destroy 40% of its industry, followed by a ground “counter-insurgency” invasion using Hitler’s former death squads in eastern Ukraine “to wipe out the Red Army”.

In 1958, Nazi Yaroslav Stetsko, Bandera’s second in command, told US Congressmen that “atomic warfare” was the only option, if nationalism could not “dislodge and destroy the Russian Communist Empire”.

In the 80s, such war plans re-emerged, presented by Reagan as “the crusade for freedom (5); he even talked publicly about “a small nuclear war in Europe(6)Considering that Vatican’s Pope blessed Nazi Germany’s invasion of USSR as “a crusade against godless Bolshevism” the context of such language is confirmed today by US’s full support for the Nazis in Ukraine, who also see themselves not only as the ideological heirs of UPA and OUN, but also as the followers of medieval knights (Yarosh even said “we are knights”), and of Franco’s fascist crusaders who were helped by the Western governments and by Hitler and Mussolini to crush the workers’ social revolution in Spain, after they defeated the July 19, 1936 fascist coup. (The reasons for which Stalin betrayed them were explained by Rudolf Rocker in “The tragedy of Spain“.)

10155805_279701105527733_1325308840_n nazi crusader

Today western media follow the line of Hitler’s commanding military intelligence officer, Reinhard Gehlen (he too was adopted by United States after the war and founded Germany’s secret service, BND), who invented intentions Moscow did not have of invading Western Europe, as justification for United States launching nuclear war against it. This is insinuated and even repeated today by state leaders in the West; and it is openly promoted by the PR boys of Ukrainian Nazis in Ukraine. 

azov pr nuclear war inevitablespilno nuclear armsazov PR us must bring nuclear arms back to europe

Nazis’ plans = Nuland’s “Fuck the EU”

In West Ukraine, the World War II never really ended, and in eastern Ukraine the 1917 Russian revolution was not totally crushed and discredited. This is the internal historical timeline of the bloodshed Kyiv unleashed upon the east of Ukraine, which is the most brutal phase of the relentless cultural, economic , social and political oppression the east has endured especially since Ukraine became a separate state in 1991.  

The war Kyiv has waged against east Ukraine after the maidan fascist coup incorporates the traits of a brutal class war waged by the upper and upper middle classes – particularly those in Lviv and Kyiv – against the working classes from the industrial east. The gang fights among oligarchs in Ukraine, or among the Russian oligarchs and the Western ones, which intersected with the civil war, do not diminish the class nature of this conflict, which is so visible in the propaganda which denigrates and stigmatizes the people of Donbass and Russia.  

The Nazis in Ukraine have started the civil war against the east of the country with the intention to drag Russia into a long-term war which – they hoped – would weaken and collapse it from within, the same way, they claim, the ’70s war in Afghanistan undermined from within the Soviet Union and led to its disintegration (the war in Afghanistan was a factor). They hoped the war in eastern Ukraine would undermine Europe the same way it would weaken Russia – Nuland’s “Fuck the EU” translated (in her conversation with the American Ambassador in Kyiv, the 5 billion USD on this coup needed to be worthy; Nuland proved they were involved in the coup d’etat up to their necks, they discussed how to name their puppets in the Ukrainian government).

The United States admitted they were behind the coup in Kyiv and that they even forced Europeans to impose sanctions against Russia, knowing well that these sanctions would strangle Europe worse than Russia. Germany’s machinations were instrumental in orchestrating the coup in Kyiv and in the start of the civil war too, but after sanctions started to backfire, Berlin allied with France to play “the pacifist” (note, please, they could not care less about the tens of thousands Kyiv’s death squads have slaughtered in east Ukraine, they did it because it started to hurt their profits).

In March 2014, less than 2 weeks after the coup in Kyiv, an indoctrination commissar with the neo-Nazis from Right Sector, Olena Semenyaka, made public the stakes of the civil war they had prepared for decades:

The Ukrainian military capability lies in its street movements and militias (UNA-UNSO’s nazis, presented by western media as “volunteers”) that can drag Russia into a low intensity conflict… In the long run, Russia can be drawn into another Afghanistan should the people of Ukraine decide to go into a low intensity conflict. This may benefit the Great European Reconquista (their medieval crusade for spreading fascism to Europe and Russia) they plan for, since such a conflict will weaken Russian Imperialism and attract more support/ sympathy from Central and Western Europe. It can also weaken Europe beyond repair.”

RS war weaken Russia and Europe new Aghanistan

Therefore, Ukraine tried to trap Moscow into attacking her, so that the West’s aggression may be presented like an act of “defense”. The more Russia resisted, the more people were slaughtered in Eastern Ukraine, and even in Russia (Ukraine bombed Russia repeatedly, and several people were torn to pieces in their homes in Russia by Ukrainian bombs).

Ukraine has never stopped the slaughter in east Ukraine, even after official cease-fires, Minsk I and Minsk II. It just lowered its intensity.

Between Minsk I and Minsk II (September 2014 and February 2015), Ukrainian army has lost 500 square km to the rebels, while they decided to sacrifice thousands of their men.

Ukrainian Nazis were the ones who broke Minks I, and their president Poroshenko confirmed it publicly, after it happened. This is one of the many proofs that he is not in control of the Nazis, it’s exactly the other way around: Nazis control him.


The “logic” behind Ukraine insisting on losing men and territory – sometimes it seems they do it on purpose – is to create the reason for US’ military intervention, which will mean war with Russia.

Petro Poroshenko: “It’s the war for freedom and democracy of the entire EU.”

poroshenko the war of freedom

Adolf Hitler, 20 January 1941: “The task of this front, therefore, is not merely the protection of individual countries, but the safeguarding of Europe, and thereby the salvation of all.” 

right sector same as una unso !!!!!

Right Sector is the stage name for UNA-UNSO, since using directly the name of this Nazi organisation would have created too many PR problems for the western governments.


july 16 2012_sbu yarosh

Photo from July 2012. The guy in white traditional shirt is a nazi who is the boss of SBU (Ukrainian Gestapo). Next to him is Dmytro Yarosh. Both are UNA-UNSO too.

Ukrainian Revolution. Crusade.mp4_snapshot_04.05_[2015.01.02_01.16.25]

UNA-UNSO nazi crusaders marching on the streets of Lviv in the ’90s.

OUN’s tenets from 70 years ago are to be found in the political program of UNA-UNSO, and other fascists and Nazis, including the Nazis from SNA who are now part of the political alliance of prime-minister Yatsenyuk. This is the program which has been enforced for the past year as state policy in Ukraine. OUN used terror to keep their countrymen in permanent tension, to pursue the militarization of the entire society so they can be kept “combat ready” with all “occupiers”. Today Ukraine militarizes everybody and has made patriotic military education mandatory for everybody – state employees, working people, and kids in schools. (It’s a lucrative business for the Nazis since they charge them quite a lot so they can indoctrinate even 4 year old kids to stab, hang, shoot and blow up people). 

Poor children and orphans = Nazis’ a priori slaves 

The bombs and the economic terror fade in the face of what they do to children. Those they don’t bomb into their tiny graves in some backyard (the number of the civil war victims could be 10 times higher than Kyiv and UN admitted), they militarize into being “soldiers for the god and nation”. This is imposed by the Nazis in Lviv, and it’s a tradition among them, represented by the technocratic, military and fascist camps of Plast. Children are taught to be happy when they are cruel and hate, they put guns, knives and grenades into their hands in schools, and teach them to kill “the enemies of the nation.”


Nazi dinner in Ukraine, Russian doll representing a Russian child sacrificed for Bandera and Yarosh.



Right Sector Nazi showing a kid how to kill “for god and the nation”.


Kids taught to play patriotic games by executing enemies in medieval-like public executions.


Hundreds of schools in eastern Ukraine have been systematically bombed. This teenager was killed in a school in Donetsk when the Ukrainian army shelled with while pupils were in classes.


Kid in Ukraine being taught how to be a good Nazi.


What Kyiv propagandists call “a happy kid”. His home was bombed by the Ukrainian army; he is a war refugee.


War refugees from Slavyansk on a bus which took them to safety in Crimea. Slavyansk was bombed day and night for months by the Ukrainian army. 3 quarters of the local population is gone now: either killed or fled.


What Ukrainian Nazis did to children in the past, these kids are Polish children who were tortured and chopped by them.


This child was slaughtered by the bombs of the Ukrainian army in Gorlovka, this winter. The Ukrainian army and the Nazi battalions bombed Gorlovka on purpose, day and night, for weeks, to terrorize, destroy and kill as many inhabitants as possible. There was no military reason for bombing it, except the extermination of the local population.


Nazi kid teaching a girl to kill, in one of the military training camps in Ukraine in the summer of 2014. Look at the totenkopf, it has the same meaning as the one on the Nazi tank below, from the World War II:

The Waffen ϟϟ ☠ - Loyalty Is My Honor.mp4_snapshot_02.52_[2015.01.02_01.00.45]

Waffen SS tank invading Eastern Europe.


Babushka improvised a kitchen outside so she can keep kids and their families fed, during the winter they were forced to live in the basements where there was no electricity or heating. Winters in Ukraine are extremely cold.


Happy smiling Nazis that they were incorporated into the state police after they slaughtered, raped, tortured and killed in east Ukraine. They are doing the Hitler salute in an office of the Interior Minister. This is what Ukrainian officials call “keeping the Nazis under control”.


Nazis showing how they love to kill for the “Aryan master race” and the “Ukrainian empire”.


Government propagandist trying to explain how the Nazis are Nazis but don’t call them that. Stupidity is strong with this one. He did it on one of the war propaganda TV channels, sponsored by the United States in Ukraine.

Plast members at SS Galicia UPA in Lviv

Bandera Learn to make war in your youth in order to live peacefully in old age

Stepan Bandera was indoctrinated in Plast; this poster promoted children being indoctrinated to go to war so they can have “a great future”.

Члени Правого сектора завжди готові стати на захист Вітчизни.mp4_snapshot_01.28_[2015.02.28_18.14.31]

Kid trained in a camp of UNA-UNSO to shoot and kill, he’s 7 years old. This was filmed by a Ukrainian tv before the civil war was officially launched. Now this happens in all schools controlled by Nazis, just like UNA-UNSO program demanded.


Another proof that UPA criminals and terrorists were heart and soul on the side of Hitler’s Nazis. It says “Heil Hitler, Glory to Ukraine.”


Happy Nazi youth in Ukraine. One of the leaders of UNA-UNSO explained they are not interested for now to obtain positions of leadership in the state, that they are more interested to first export the Nazism of Western Ukraine to the rest of the country.

They are indoctrinated – in state schools and private military camps – into wishing to become “soldiers” and sacrifice their life “for the nation.” These Nazis hate children so deeply, that UNA-UNSO’s program even urged that children who live in orphanages be handed over to the “parent-state” – “the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the security structures”- : “provide for the high level of national and patriotic education for orphans”, “liquidate the phenomenon of “orphans of alive parents”.”

That is, parents who are too poor to provide for their kids will have their children taken from them by the state to be used as patriotic meat. 

Adolf Hitler: “When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.” (Speech November 1933, quoted in The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William Shirer). 

They do this already.

The Ukrainian government has utterly shocked families from Aragon, Spain, when they demanded them to send back to Ukraine the children they took in Spain to study. The Ukrainian government wants to put these children in military training camps for a month, and after that send them to war.

The children are terrorized. The Ukrainian state did not allow the Spanish families to adopt these children – many come from orphanages – even before the coup, and now they received war mobilization orders even in Spain. The Spanish families hope to convince their government to grant them citizenship so they don’t send them to certain death. One of them comes from a village where most of his friends were already killed in the war. 

If they want these poor children dead, imagine how much they hate the children they bomb, slaughter and terrorize in east Ukraine. 

Ukraine uber alles, indeed!


2 million children are terrorized by the US-Kyiv civil war inflicted on Eastern Ukraine. What the Ukrainian prime-minister calls “peace and security” and “freedom and democracy”.

US support of violent neo-Nazis in Ukraine׃ Video Compilation.mp4_snapshot_00.13.18_[2015.02.28_19.02.24]


Houses, schools, hospitals, workplaces, any means of sustaining life in Eastern Ukraine have been systematically destroyed and bombed in Eastern Ukraine. Russian troops probably were hiding in that apartment following the “logic” of the Ukrop president.


The parents of a 4 year old boy cry at his funeral. He was killed by the bombs of the Ukrainian government.

Hitler’s “you don’t fight, you don’t deserve to live” = state policy in Ukraine today 

Ukrainian state hunts down young and old men in Ukraine and punishes them with 8 years in jail if they don’t go to war. There are protests all over Ukraine against this civil war – since September they have expanded all over Ukraine, even in the Nazi strong-hold, the west of the country; state political police and repression have grown worse too. In Kharkov, Ukraine’s Gestapo (SBU), which is run by a Nazi, took political police repression even in schools: they interrogated children about the political views of their parents. In south-east Ukraine, they threatened working women they will have them fired if they still opposed their sons being kidnapped by the state and send to the civil war.


Mobilization for the civil war in Ukraine:


Nazis kidnapping civilians from the villages of eastern Ukraine.

Anyone who calls it “civil war” and not “Russian aggression”, as the state demanded to be called by law, risks 3 years in jail. The ministry of truth in Ukraine asks internet users to report anyone they see opposing or boycotting the war. Anyone who protests the war could be arrested on the spot and jailed. Workers are taken from factories and forced to the front; this is probably in line with the economic war waged by western corporations against Ukraine: a German economic adviser ordered that the entire industry of Ukraine be shut down. The unemployed, millions of people, are the most vulnerable; men are hunted down even in game shops to be taken to war. SBU (their Gestapo) hunts down and arrests journalists who ask people to boycott the illegal war mobilization. Professors are fired, and students terrorize them if they oppose the war, like it recently happened in Lviv, when students created “a corridor of shame” to terrorize a professor who wrote a post against the war on her blog. Men run from Ukraine – especially to the “aggressor” Russia – to escape the war. They hide in neighboring countries too (only Poland and Estonia don’t take them in). Just one example, in the village Great Novoselka, an army officer tries in vain to convince protesting women to let their sons to war; when he says that they need to defend the country from “Russian troops” people burst into laughter, mocking him and telling him he is a liar. Some polls show 78% of Ukrainians want the civil war to be stopped by their government.


Ruslan Kotsaba, a journalist from Lviv, publicly urged all people to boycott war mobilization. He was spied upon by a SBU (Ukrainian Gestapo) snitch, hunted down and arrested for thought crimes for which the state plans to throw him to rot for 15 years in jail.

Embedded image permalink

Woman fighting a Nazi in Ukraine who came to take her son to the civil war: “Go to war yourself, you fucker!” The sons of politicians and oligarchs are not taken to war; and the rich can escape the front if they pay bribes which amount even to 2000 dollars.


SBU Nazi-like propaganda, calling on Ukrainians to denounce people who boycott the civil war. This is state-enforced propaganda, which exploded at first during the Odessa massacre, and later was adopted as state policy by the post-coup government in Ukraine. The people of eastern Ukraine are dehumanized as “Colorado beetle” by the Ukrainian state so that they can be exterminated more easily.


This was copied by SBU and promoted as state Nazi propaganda.

Women against the army and the state: “We did not raise our children for war.” “No way we’ll let them take our children. We will stand up for them now.” “Yatsenyuk bragged he’d take a bullet to the head. Let him take it now.” See video here.

Embedded image permalink

Odessa, naval station, February 2015: “This is not my war!” Odessa has been occupied by the Ukrainian military since January, when army troops were deployed in the city, after the city was kept under tight control by 3,000 Nazi squads employed by the state in the National Guard.

“This is not our war!” “My heart is tearing when I see our children dying. Who needs this? He has a belly and walks around, bastard! They should be whipped away from Parliament, all those who got bellies and make money from the war. I have a grandson, he’s 20. He got a notice. What is this? It’s impossible. I’m already in tears.” See video here.

Notice the difference: when Ukrainian soldiers were trapped and risked being annihilated last fall, Putin did intervene and convinced the rebels to let them go; they created a corridor and let them go back to their homes (except the Nazis, those they killed). The rebels captured Ukrainian soldiers and let them go many times, even after they saw that when exchanging prisoners, Kyiv handed over local civilians they kidnapped and tortured, while the rebels handed over Ukrainian soldiers.

In Debaltseve, the rebels protected the Ukrainian soldiers – who surrendered to them – from the artillery of their own army firing at them. When Ukrainian military units demanded permission to retreat because they were surrendered and they did not want to die; their commanders and the politicians in Kyiv ordered them to die.

This means that it’s not the Russians and the rebels in the east who want to inflict the greatest damage on the Ukrainian army, it’s the leaders in Kyiv. It’s them and NATO (US, UK, Canada) who want the war with Russia.

Officially, Kyiv considers the defeat at Debaltseve one of “the greatest victory of their nation”. It was actually the worst. If you follow Ukraine, you get used to absurd affirmations like this; in their political program which is that of UNA-UNSO it is stated that contradictory aims, affirmations, arbitrary decisions, deceit are their rules since “what is logic when national interests are at stake?”

After Minsk II, Kyiv’s cruelty grew even worse. They moved anti-aircraft rockets in Odessa (against Crimea?); they kept shelling Donbass, and cut the gas, social, education and medical benefits (even if courts in Ukraine said it’s illegal for Kyiv to steal them), they intensified the economic war against Donbass and denied anyone from this territory to enter the rest of the country. Basically, Kyiv separated Donbass totally from the rest of Ukraine. 

But, to the outside world, they cry that they are defending their “territorial integrity” and cry for foreign troops to join them in the war against Moscow (Nazis in Ukraine already consider the civil war in the east “a Ukrainian-Muscovite war”).

The contrast between Kyiv’s intentions and their propaganda could not be sharper.

They sacrifice their men and terrorize the population in the east as the western war machine – mainstream media – presents them as the victims of “those cruel Russians”.

They need the blood of their own spilled to impress and justify western ‘humanitarian” intervention or “for freedom and democracy”, when actually people in Ukraine live in fear and terror under their rule, and have lost right after right. 


“Galician SS go into combat” “Those who want to live must fight, and who doesn’t want to resist in this world of eternal fight does not deserve the right to live” – A. Hitler

Ukrainian Nazis about USSR: “It should have been our empire

Ukraine separated from the Soviet Union in 1991, and propaganda presents this as “a great act of liberation of a great people from oppression”. But the individuals, who were brought to power in Ukraine, after the February 2014 coup, actually hated USSR for not being “their empire

The goal of the Organization of the Ukrainian Nationalists has always remained the same: to restore what they call “their” “Kievan Rus empire”, and reduce Russia to Moscow. They consider themselves to be “the real Russians”, this is why they specifically avoid to call people in east Ukraine Russians – which they are – but use all sorts of denigrating labels (Vatniks, Colorado beetle, genetic scum, sub-humans), and it’s why they call Russians “Muscovites”, “Moskali” or “Mongoloids”: they accuse them of mixing up with non-white people, a supreme crime in their eyes.

Video of Ukrainian kids jumping and shouting Nazi chants and demandingMoskali to the knives“:

They want Ukraine to be “a dictatorship of the nation”, and turn the country into one, step by step, just as Stepan Bandera, OUN’s ideologues and UPA planned 70 years ago. While they present themselves to the world as “the victims of Russian imperialism”, at home, their plans have not changed since 70 years ago: to destroy Russia by expanding on its territory because they are “they are a nation left by god” to become an Aryan empire.

Dmytro Dontsov, one of the ideologues of OUN: “The sole force capable of saving Europe is Ukrainian nationalism.”

Nazi Yaroslav Stetsko: “Fascism and Ukrainian nationalism are the links in the chain of a single world revolution.” 

Nazi death squads (SNA’s AZOV): “White Reconquista under the Black Sun. Today in Ukraine, tomorrow in Russia and Europe.

UNA-UNSO Nazi Dmytro Yarosh: “Reconquista is just beginning…” (Click for video

A nation which does not expand dies,” OUN ideologues, Svoboda, UNA-UNSO, SNA (Azov), other Right Sector.

There is no such thing as Russian language” – parliamentarian from Petro Poroshenko’s political formation 

Russians are not even Slavs” – neo-Nazi Dmytro Yarosh 

Our enemy has always been the Moscow nation itself as well as the current regime, whether Tsarist or Bolshevist, and the state and social system,” – Stepan Bandera, Nazi collaborator, Fuhrer wannabe, and today national hero of Ukraine.

A year after they confiscated state power with Western backing, the transition to power of the Nazis in Ukraine is almost complete. It’s likely that another coup is coming, as they did not get the war which they wanted so that their nation-state (“natiocracy” or dictatorship of the nation, as they call it) be completed. That is a war against Russia, which they accuse that hinders the realization of their own Ukrainian empire.

The national revolution” in Ukraine is specifically and openly against unions, and aims at strengthening the class society by replacing class with ethnicity, and forcing workers into total submission to “the natural elite”, which they see as an entity similar to the military casts during the times of Crusades.

The West cannot admit to their Nazis in Ukraine whom they put in power positions, because these Nazis were their allies during the Cold War; and because the way they plan to set up a “Ukrainian empire” coincides with US’ old obsession of colonizing Russia.

These Nazis consider USSR should have been “their empire” and they also say that they will not rest until they snatch territories from Russia. But you hear them everywhere in western media deploring “Russian imperialism”.

Somebody can say that these items contradict each other, but logic is nothing compared to the national interests.” (UNA UNSO program)

Dmytro Yarosh, neo-Nazi from UNA-UNSO, who trained terrorists in a group called Trident, explains what “the national revolution” means to them:

It is better for us to build our own National State! Does that mean knives to the Moskals and ropes to the Jews? Well, not so unsophisticated. There must be a Ukrainian authority in Ukraine; the titular nation must dominate in business, politics, and culture…Then, forced Ukrainization. Russians do not like it? Well, go back to fucking Russia! Those who don’t want to go, we can help them. Russians are not even Slavs… Next we will liberate our lands: Voronezh, Kursk, Belogorod Oblast, and Kuban. These are all Ukrainian lands!” (video here)

These regions he mentions are in Russia, but they claim they belong to them since they claim to be the heirs of 1600s entity called Kievan Rus; in this way they are trying to appropriate the history of Russia and Belarus too; crazy as hell, but don’t expect logic or common sense from them.


“Ukrainian empire” map on a car at the maidan in 2014.

This is why they call the war in east Ukraine “a liberation war” for propaganda purposes, but they in fact consider it just a phase in a larger lebensraum war, and consider all the inhabitants there “occupants” or “insurgents”.

The war in eastern Ukraine – which Western propaganda constantly blames on Russia – is a political and economic weapon against Russia and Europe. The Nazis in Ukraine want a return to the “Europe of the nations”, they hate the fragile progress European workers have forced upon the ruling elites over decades, towards social justice; their hatred is shared by “the American business model” which is probably horrified there are still some unions (though extremely weak) in Europe.

Soros’ “Participatory democracy” = Nazis crucifying leftists

In eastern Ukraine, propaganda blames the victims for the crimes and atrocities perpetrated against them by Kyiv’s death squads. So you were told by western media and Nazi-controlled state media in Ukraine that they bombed themselves for almost a year, and killed their children (to blame Kyiv, why else, duh!).

But you do not read a single word about the women and girls raped, tortured and beheaded, just some about the boys and men tortured, but no word on the boys summarily executed by the Nazis. On the contrary, Amnesty even recommended that the Nazis who tortured people in the east be incorporated into the state police so they can be taught “the law”.  

“Azov” battalion executes handcuffed unarmed half-naked man in cold blood in front of the cameras.

Woman from Lugansk tortured by Nazis from Aidar battalion, then drowned, because she spoke against them; US taxpayers paid for their food:

The people from eastern Ukraine were accused that they bombed their homes, hospitals, schools, roads, power plants, workplaces; those who were butchered and burned alive by the Nazis in the May 2 Odessa massacre “set themselves on fire” since they were “Russian thugs” (Carl Bildt), so now the survivors of the massacre are on trial for “terrorism” while the Nazis are “national heroes”, in the massacres of June-July 2013 from Mariupol they were “drug addicts”, later in January they again bombed themselves in Mariupol; in Kramatorsk they executed themselves with the guns of the Nazis; in January near Mariupol they blew up a bus packed with people which they placed on purpose near a road mine detonated by the Ukrainian army; in Donetsk they bombed their houses constantly, and then they started to blow up buses full of workers on purpose; in Lugansk on June 2, people were slaughtered not by Kyiv’s war plane, but by an air-conditioner (yes, you read that right) etc.

These are just several examples, such atrocities were facts of every single day and every single night, committed by Ukrainian army and the Nazi death squads for 10 months relentlessly.


Ukrainian army giving the finger towards the house of locals in eatern Ukraine after they bombed it to pieces. Such acts turn them into heroes in Nazi-Ukraine.


Donetsk, bombed by Ukrainian army.


Mariupol May 2, 2014. Locals stop Ukrainian army tanks with bare hands. A week later they came back and committed a massacre; followed by many others.

Why? Because THIS is what “the national revolution” means. The power of the war machine propaganda lies in the fact that this “national revolution” is not exposed and so it can no longer be disconnected from the atrocities committed by the Nazis in their war to “purify” “the land” (read, “their blood”) of “sub-humans” by extending their “living space”, and “avenge their knights”. All these are quotes from them and they prove they are Nazis and fascists.

Western media do not write either about the forced criminal poverty upon Ukrainians, since maidan gave them “independence” (turned them into another US colony); but that would mean to write about the real aggressor in Ukraine, which is the West. 


25 year old man crucified by Nazis on the fence of an Orthodox Church in Kharkov on September 30, 2014, for raising food, clothes and money for the people Kyiv was bombing in Donbass. No investigation, nothing.

The 2004 Orange “revolution” failed because the Nazis were not popular outside West Ukraine. But the love story between the Nazis in Ukraine and the Western governments is decades long.

After the coup, the West helped the Nazis set up their “parallel state(8), which is actually a war movement supported by United States in particular, and could be called “the deep state”, also known as industrial-miliary-security-complex. But they call it “participatory democracy” and praise it as “voluntarism”. New-speak has become the official language of western war propaganda machine and of western governments; also to make their capitalist actions credible they stole words, concepts, imagery and symbols from anti-capitalists (communists and anarchists) since they are very aware that capitalism is in deep shit and needs to associate itself with spaces which are breathable. Since capitalists steal the wealth produced by working people, of course it’s normal for them to steal their words too, isn’t it? The words they stole they use in ways exactly opposite to their meanings.

In eastern Ukraine, when “this participatory democracy” was attempted, for real, Kyiv responded with bombs. (Other people in Eastern Europe voting in referendum to fire West’s stooge were accused of committing a coup d’etat).

In Kyiv, the Nazis, supported, financed, armed and covered up by the West, are those who play the music and politicians dance to it or they are threatened to be dumped to the trash, literally. Two state officials admitted the existence of the nazis – United State’s Victoria Nuland and the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany. 


Secret grave near Odessa, spreading on kilometers where thousands killed in the civil war – most likely soldiers and civilians – are buried as “surgical waste”.

What Kyiv’s “liberation” of East Ukraine means:

Bombing is less cruel than starving them.”

Every time Kyiv wanted to invade and occupy their villages and cities, they again bombed themselves with the tanks, the Grads, and the war planes of the Ukrainian army, so that the Nazi death squads invaded them to “liberate” them from their own families. But Kyiv was the victim when it ordered the pilot of a war helicopter not to return after rebels warned him to go back or they would take him down – it happened in June when the Nazis from Kyiv and Odessa retaliated for their own crime, put on another show for the western televisions, and cried their hearts out in rage, while attacking the Russian embassy and the consulates in Odessa and Kharkov.


This journalist, who is also in Plast, urged the government in Kyiv to bomb people in eastern Ukraine with ballistic missiles so they can be killed faster, because “starving them is cruel”.

The people Kyiv’s death squads invaded were the ones guilty of Kyiv cutting the water, electricity and gas, they even starved themselves to death, they even bombed themselves in mines and workplaces. Theirs were the snipers who shot women and children on streets, in their cars, in their homes, before the civil war was unleashed upon them with all brutality – this is how propaganda goes.

Theirs are the snipers who kill workers in Donbass when they go to restore the water and electricity, each time after Kyiv’s shelling damages them.

The people of eastern Ukraine are portrayed as committing the atrocities Kyiv inflicted upon them after they identified them as “sub-human” (Hitler’s words shared by Ukrainian prime-minister and the Ukrop president); “vatniks” (hard working people who fight for an economic arrangement which guarantees their rights), “genetic scum”, “lumpen proletariat”, “drunken”, “dirty”, “cultural trash”, “materialists” (Nazis in particular call them so because they accuse them of not being able to believe in the “aesthetic spiritual idea of the nation”), “useless” (which cannot be exploited for profit, as Nazi journalist called them), “Colorado beetle”, “parasites”, “alcoholics”.


Nazis’ favorite stigmatizations for East Ukraine and Crimea are “occupants” and “colonizers” and these words hide the historical context of the civil war in Ukraine as well as the ideological justification for the slaughter. All these labels were coined by Nazis, embraced by politicians and turned into mainstream public opinion in the rest of Ukraine.

Since people of eastern Ukraine are such “savages” for these Nazis, they “must all be killed”, they must be bombed with ballistic missiles into extermination once and for all, because it’s “cruel” to starve them (and takes longer), as an U.S. sponsored Nazi journalist from one of the U.S.-sponsored war propaganda channels in Ukraine demanded publicly. 

Relevant for the racism embedded in the ideology of their “national revolution”, people in eastern Ukraine are also “Africanized” and identified with the third world (perceived as inhabited by “inferior races” by the Nazis in Ukraine because the great 1st world keeps them in poverty); the entities people in eastern Ukraine created in the referenda of May 2014 are denigrated as “Luganda” (the major language of Uganda) and “Donburas” (from Honduras). 

ukr nazis luganda


Luganda/Donburas, rebels in Donbas are represented as monkeys; the message of this cartoon very popular among Ukrainians is that the people from eastern Ukraine are “inferior animals”, “burden animals”.

75 La africanización de la bruja

Taken from Silvia Federici’s “Caliban and the Witch”: “The Africanization of the witch is reflected in this caricature of a ” petroleuse “. Observe their unusual rings, hat and African features, suggesting a relationship between commoner and “wild” African women slaves instilled courage to rebel, which haunted the imagination of the French bourgeoisie as an example of political savagery.”

In a more sophisticated way, which exposes how deep the racism is embedded in the American society, the same tactics have been employed by New York Times against Russians in Russia, who are portrayed living in some lawless suburb, ghetto maybe, where crime is like going out to buy bread, and one man, Putin, controls their mind so that women are lynched as entertainment (isn’t that a show copied from the United States, where politicians who order women to accept rape as “a gift from god” are constantly elected in the Congress, and where constant instigation to enslave them by having the state confiscate their bodies is just so normal?); these characteristics are meant to identify them to the Black population from the suburbs of the United States (also confirming these are perceived as “inferior” by the elite American paper, because of the race of the poor people who live there). If they do not want to behave like the western reporter expects them to, they must be insane, the western reporter knows. However, calling post-coup Ukraine “easily the most democratic and pro-European republic in the former Soviet Union” is, if not delusional, clearly a deliberate lie and if this is what they understand by “democracy”, then maybe these such western universal judges should keep it for themselves, because in Ukraine you go to jail if you say a word that contradicts their “democratic” government (he knows they do, it’s been on Russian TVs too, but too problematic for him to mention it). In this piece, lies perhaps better than anywhere else the same old mentality of the colonizers, who also wanted to save the natives when they massacred them systematically: to “save” them from themselves. 

right sector pressure teacher

UNA-UNSO (Right Sector) Nazis terrorizing a teacher to force him to submit into presenting the history of Nazi UPA the way they demanded.

This also shows a communion of cultural references between the Nazis in Ukraine and their supporters in the West. It’s just so ironic that they deny the right of the Russian speaking population in east Ukraine to their culture and their ties with Russia – when they give Kyiv the license to bomb them in their homes, this is exactly what they do – but their propaganda unites them as belonging to the same cultural space which they vilify employing classic methods of the white supremacy.

The people of eastern Ukraine are the victims of bombs and of racist, Nazi-like patriotic propaganda after Kyiv labeled them “terrorists” – in Ukraine, this word is used in the context in which fascists and Nazis have always called leftists “terrorists” for resisting them, exactly the way Pinochet’ junta did in Chile, and exactly how NATO’s Nazis from Gladio did in Italy in the ‘70s. (7)

Napoleon is always right” *

 The more the West failed to portray Russia as an aggressor in Ukraine, the worse the propaganda got. It’s a brutal war mongering propaganda, inherent to “the logic of colonization that inevitably must dehumanize and fear those it wants to enslave.” (8)


NATO and Ukraine’s flags during a march for war in Moscow organized by the Western-backed Russian opposition and diaspora; it was a march for war (typically for the war propaganda it was called of course “the peace march”) since the president of the “Open Russia” (please, see Chomsky’s explanation on what “open” means) said he wants to be president of Russia, not through elections (since he knows he’d never be elected), but through a regime change even if this could stir “some bloodshed” and “some civil war”. In spite of what western media claim, all that Russian media do is show what the West does in Ukraine, where working people have lost 2 thirds of their incomes in less than a year, in Kyiv and other cities they had no hot water the entire year, the government also reduced their electricity and now it has imposed ratio for food; while they kidnap their sons and force them to war.


Half of Azov are Nazis from Russia, some of them ran away to avoid justice for racist crimes; while in Ukraine they are welcomed and treated as heroes. They say they go to kill in the civil war in eastern Ukraine to help stir a white power fascist revolution in Russia, so they can “purify” their “nation” from non-whites.


Flags of nazis from Russia and Ukraine next to NATO’s at the march for war in Moscow in August.


Moscow, in August, Russian opposition march for war.

Thus, the ones who are to be attacked must be totally discredited in advance, so that anything they say in their defense must not be believed; isolated (sanctions), weakened (economic war – political manipulation of oil prices, banning of food imports, attacks on currency).

All these were imposed on Russia already, while the western governments still call it “aggressor”.

Russians must be denigrated, their own history is constantly denied by rewriting facts and always portraying Russians as “some inferior civilization”; significant here it’s the utter mystification of Western history by never admitting its systematic terror, and the article already linked is one of the best examples, which never mentions how capitalism and Catholicism are responsible for tens and tens of millions slaughtered, for the women burned at stake, for slavery and racism and the sheer plundering and famines committed by their empires everywhere they set foot, or the oppression, criminalization and killing their poor; which only afterwardsbecame state policy under tsarist Russia), and must be stigmatized to the point of dehumanization (racism). Russia must be portrayed as a rogue state, which takes down civilian planes, and guns down political opponents in front of the Kremlin.


Boris Nemtsov, presented by western media as the leader of the “liberal opposition”, was gunned down in front of the Kremlin to associate visually the crime with the Kremlin. His death was turned into a propaganda weapon. Nobody knows who shot him, but western media already found the culprit: Putin, even though the Western governments are those who hope to profit from it, by stirring mass protests in Russia and further discredit the Russian government. Nemtsov was at the maidan in Kyiv, other Putin’s opponents were there too; he intended to import the maidan in Russia. The word “liberal” used by Western media in portraying the Russian opposition does not have an ideological meaning here (Russian opposition are like Tea-Parties in the US), the meaning of this word is not leftist, as in Europe, but rather elitist capitalists who deeply despise and hate the working people on whom they imposed brutal criminal economic policies which put 20 million people in Russia in their graves ahead of the time in the ’90s. Nemtsov supported Navalny, who is also presented by western media as “liberal”, though he is a fascist and a racist, a white power “revolutionary”.

While corruption and internal politics are directly linked in Russia by western media to authoritarianism and poverty; corruption in the West is not, it’s seen as a deviation from the political and economic system and not inherent to it – a lie. That it is so it’s been confirmed by the corrupt politicians they put in state positions in Ukraine after the Western orchestrated coup; not to mention the Orwellian absurdity of having a fascist like Stepan Bandera, the nephew of OUN’s fuhrer wannabe, be presented around the 3rd-world-to-be-countries as some “democracy promoter”. 

Propaganda is most efficient when it singles out a target and focuses their attacks on it. In the way this propaganda is constructed the reasons of West’s intentions towards Russia can be depicted. It’s not only the absurd lies, it’s also a cultural construct which is needed by the aggressors in the demonization of their future (they hope) victims.

Putin is called by Ukrainian Nazis “a Jew” and “gay” (common among anti-Semites and fascists is to “Judaize” and feminize their enemies); of course, “a communist” (sadly, he’s not); Russians are called by the respected Ukrainian elite “mongoloid hordes” or Moskali, and are accused of “crimes against the purity of the white race”. Putin is also called “a Vatnik” to be identified with how they call the people of eastern Ukraine.

When propaganda in the West says “Putin”, people in Russia know it’s actually them they refer to; so then you have American journalists tell them they live in a “parallel universe” because aggressors cannot conceive their victims tell them to their faces what they actually are and do.

Western politicians called Putin “Hitler” (USA’s Hilary Clinton and McCain, UK’s Charles, UK’s Cameron, politicians from Australia, Europe, Canada, various propagandists of Kyiv, like Timothy Snyder, BHL, Anne Applebaum); priests in Kyiv said he was “under the influence of Satan”. Australian media portrayed him as a communist (again, too bad he’s not) under a panicked headline: “Russians are coming” (when in fact Australia stocks troops and weapons in Ukraine for a future invasion, same as US, Canada, and UK).

putin hanibal Htv gazetta polska

Considering how many people Kyiv government has killed in the east, benefiting from the support of Warsaw, US and other European governments, this could actually be what is called projection.

Polish media went a bit further and portrayed Putin as Hannibal Lecter, associating him visually to a cannibal serial killer from an American movie, and historically to the natives the Catholic capitalist conquistadors exterminated to steal their lands, resources and to destroy their cultures; after they had exterminated in Europe pagans, Jews, heretics, and burned alive and tortured hundreds of thousands of women so they can steal their bodies and turn the entire female population into baby-factories, and their slaves (which women still are in Poland even to this day). 

All of them were called cannibals, demons, and were accused of devilish crimes, such as eating children; that is, of crimes so sinister that it expelled them from the place where any compassion is conceivable. These accusations came from the upper classes of the European societies whose members did drink human blood in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, especially of those who died of violent death. Not as insinuation of anything, just to note that Ukrainian prime-minister Yatsenyuk also said that “This (Donbass) is the area that he (Putin) wants to control, and through their mercenaries from Ukraine to drink its blood.” 

Colonizers, explains Silvia Federici, were those who created “the savages and the cannibals”, both in Europe and in the New World:

The use of devil-worship as a weapon to strike at political enemies and vilify entire populations (like Muslims and Jews) was already common among the elite. More than that, as Seymour Phillips writes, a “persecuting society” had developed within medieval Europe, fed by militarism, intolerance, that looked at the “Other” as mainly an object of aggression. Thus, it is not surprising if “cannibal”, “infidel,” ‘‘barbarian,” ‘‘monstrous races,” and devil worshipper were the “ethnographic models” with which the Europeans “entered the new age of expansion”, providing the filter through which missionaries and conquistadors interpreted the cultures, religions, and sexual customs of the peoples they encountered…. Most stigmatizing and perhaps projecting the Spaniards’ labor needs were “nakedness” and “sodomy,” that qualified the Amerindians as beings living in an animal state (thus capable of being turned into beasts of burden), though some reports also stressed, as a sign of their bestiality, their propensity to share and “give everything they have in return for things of little value.

Defining the aboriginal American populations as cannibals, devil-worshippers, and sodomites supported the fiction that the Conquest was not an unabashed quest for gold and silver but was a converting mission…

It also removed, in the eyes of the world and possibly of the colonizers themselves, any sanction against the atrocities which they would commit…, thus functioning as a license to kill regardless of what the intended victims might do.

And, indeed, “The whip, gibbet, and stock, imprisonment, torture, rape, and occasional killing became standard weapons for enforcing labor discipline” in the New World.” 

This is inherent to the Western (European and American) “cultural identity”, and always resurface when they need guns to replace appearances; so when “crats” in Brussels claim Europe needs “an identity” they should know they already have one and with their behavior towards Russia they did nothing less but to confirm it once more.

In this respect, they share the same aim with the Nazis whom they used in Kyiv to execute the armed coup d’etat a year ago.

In attacking Russia, the West tries to escape from what they cannot avoid: facing their own past. It’s a nasty one and it is exactly their past which discredits them by exposing their lies about “freedom and democracy”, if anyone needed more proof.

They speak constantly of “a Russian aggression” in Ukraine but they are those who are destroying the people in this country (not the rich ones) by instigating and fueling the civil war, by taking the sons from their mothers and the husbands from their wives so they can be cannon folder in prolonging the civil war; by land grabs, destruction of industry, and one of the most brutal forced poverty on working people, which will mean death for the most vulnerable in Ukraine. United States are pleased and salute this; they could not care less about the people who inhabit Ukraine, like they don’t care about the people who inhabit their own countries either. What they are interested in are their profits, and control over resources. They are only concerned that their propaganda not be exposed. 

Civil war in the east = the door towards fascist dictatorship in Ukraine 

Those in the east they bomb, those in the rest of Ukraine they rob blind. The civil war in eastern Ukraine goes hand in hand with the formalization of fascism in the rest of Ukraine: terror and repression have become a fact of life, fear has replaced doubt, the state has spies who deliver the critics of government to SBU (Ukraine’s Gestapo); anyone who criticizes the government or the war is “a Russian agent”; if anyone denies “the Russian aggression” they can be thrown in jail; journalists who tell people to boycott the mobilization for war are spied upon and arrested by the Ukrainian Gestapo, “linguistic experts” analyze their words and wording to identify thought-crimes and they face 15 years behind bars. If people post criticism of the war on their social media they will be arrested and jailed for 3 years. SBU has set up a propaganda department, which is led by a Nazi from Svoboda. There is also a ministry of truth which keeps journalists under tight control. They also created “an internet army”, trolls claiming they are from Donbass which will be used for more war propaganda, and most likely in attempts to discredit the people of Donbass. Anyone can be fired, kidnapped, beaten, tortured, even killed if they are suspected of not being patriotic enough (that is, they don’t want to see “Moskali to knives”), or if they express doubts or opposition towards the civil war and the economic war against the population. Nazis hunt down “suspects”, arrest them en mass and deliver them to SBU (where they are tortured to admit their guilt) – 700 hundred men from Kharkov were arrested in a single day by the Ukrainian Gestapo for political reasons. Workers who demand their wages are “visited” by Ukrainian Gestapo and their union leaders are arrested. People who protest the irrespirable costs of life are attacked by Nazi gangs. 

It was only a matter of time before the Nazis take their war from the east of the country to the rest of Ukraine. Their enemies are the same: working people who refuse to submit to them; their supporters are the same: rich upper class and West-sponsored patriotic middle class – both in Ukraine AND in Russia. The “good guys” the West wants to put in power in Moscow have been at the Maidan in Kyiv, and relentlessly try to “maidanize” Russia too, Nazis from Russia are killing in east Ukraine as part of Nazi Azov state incorporated regiment (no, NATO has no problem with them, so they are not “Russian invasion”).  

West’s most hidden skeleton: its own enduring fascism 

The World War II was not a war against fascism – this becomes more than clear today, but it was also evident when Western powers helped Hitler and Mussolini crush the social revolution in Spain. World War II was one to “reboot” capitalism and fortify the war economy which is the heart of the American Empire.

The Cold War was not a clash between “freedom” and “totalitarianism”; USSR was an economy which kept the fundamentals of capitalism and of the class society. While the western propaganda was claiming moral leverage deploring the totalitarianism in Eastern Europe, the Western “democracies” were tolerating fascist dictatorships in Spain and Portugal and had no problems to resort to totalitarian means themselves. Today they have no shame to build police states at home, for total control of their populations and to repress any meaningful social struggles, which will happen no matter how totalitarian and repressive these states will become. 

The Cold War was a stand-off between two major blocks of power because Russia and Eastern Europe stepped outside of western control. They were no longer the third world the west needed to provide them with cheap slaves and unlimited access to their resources.

Neo-liberalism, the global phase of capitalism, which was forced upon Chile at first and later imported all over Western world, was the twin brother of “the crusade for freedom” against the Soviet Union (Reagan’s “Satan”) and Eastern Europe. In the West neo-liberalism is meant to totally subjugate the working class; in the east it is aimed at creating the west’s third world: poor countries are left to crawl and have to provide the west with land, cheap workers and markets for their exports, and agree to create the mechanisms through which the west can exert total control over these societies, and also accept artificial debts whenever US or Brussels say so. Colonies is the right word. 

Neocon William Kristol: “American power should be used not just in the defense of American interests but for the promotion of American principles.”

United States’ debt: $18,137,739,636,332.88 as of February 27, 2015 

Russia is the largest gas exporter and the 2nd oil exporter after Saudi Arabia. Some estimate that the value of its natural resources exceed $200 trillion.In 2007, Russia’s foreign exchange reserves reached $476.4 billion USD, more than the entire Euro zone. 

Want to be my colony?” 

The never reported information by the western media are exactly those related to the way the West has colonized Eastern Europe, how they destroyed communities, how they killed people, how they pushed kids to suicide because their parents had to slave for the west. You don’t read in the western media how their brutal privatization – so praised by economists – has in particular destroyed any chance of local workers unionizing. You don’t read about how countries in Eastern Europe are turned into colonies just like those in Latin America were, which did not happen to them until the western conquistadors descended upon them. (13)

Workers are constantly attacked; after the industry was destroyed on purpose, now public services are ever more denied to local population; and for the sake of appearances they are “replaced” with NGOs which are west’s arms of control in case local population or the local governments “get out of control” or piss off the gods in the west. This is clear as the sky in Ukraine now, and this is what they want in Russia too when they demand “a Russia which works in our interests.” (U.S.’s Victoria Nuland) 

Victoria Nuland: “That’s the Russia that is in our interest, is a Russia that is strong, that is democratic, that lives up to its international obligations, that is a good partner for us.” 

You don’t read in the western media how people in Eastern Europe are forced to pay prices which sometimes are higher than in the West, while their incomes are 10-20 times smaller than those in the West. You don’t read how IMF forces starvation wages on doctors and teachers from Eastern Europe so they can emigrate to the West, or commit suicide. If you read this in the western media, you’d understand why people in Russia will not allow it back, irrespective of what Putin wants.

At the same time, as compensation, the West encourages these societies to step even worse into integral nationalism – a form of fascism – , because such societies are easily militarized and always ready for wars.

What the Western (European and American) politicians call “Ukraine’s independence” actually means colonization; they do it exposing their same old conquistador mentality and in the same ways they always used in third world countries. When they say they want “open societies”, they actually mean, as Chomsky explained over and over again, (11) “in our peculiar sense of this term—that is, a society that remains open to American economic penetration or political control.” Carl Bildt confirmed that it is so in a public speech in 1992, when he said that it’s not “enough” if former Soviet countries become “liberal democracies” if they are not under the control of the West (12)

Russia’s vicinity is a good excuse to blur this reality created by the West in Ukraine, but people who live in Ukraine already know it: their wages dropped 2 thirds in less than a year, and the costs of life skyrocketed to the levels similar to those in the rich Western Europe. The Nazi morons who contributed to this make fun of them now. Ukraine has lost 2.5 million people in less than one year.

You remember how each time IMF said they went “a little too far”, like they could be for real surprised at how much they steal? Have no worries: they are too happy to repeat their “mistakes” (social crimes and economic terrorism) now in Ukraine.

Capitalist propaganda in Eastern Europe can still demonize the post WWII-past, when Soviet Union exerted control over their economies, but also allowed them space to develop their industry and cover their necessities of education, research and development; even if the political parties who ruled these countries were dumb.

What strangled Eastern Europe was not necessarily its past economic model – which was not communism, but state capitalism – but rather the austerity which came together with IMF loans in the ‘80s. In some countries, this austerity was horribly brutal and paved the way for western take over, even if bloodshed was still needed to legitimize the regime change, and feed the credibility of the transition to market economy and of the economic tortures, which followed, by relentlessly demonizing the past regimes. This “transition” actually meant a relentless “austerity”, which should be called forced impoverishment of working people by depriving them of resources and the rights they had under “communism”. The transition actually meant the changes in the ruling classes with individuals whose role was to serve the interests of the West and force the bills on local populations. It’s hilarious to hear today Western politicians speak about “corruption” when they were those who legitimized and participated together with the local ruling class into robberies of entire factories, towns and resources, and in the plundering of public budgets.

In the industrial eastern Ukraine such robberies were so total – they formed the oligarchs – that the working class actually was the least corrupted by private property in the entire Eastern Europe. Here lays one of the most important sources of the civil war in Ukraine. 

“Orwell on Fighting Fascists: From the Spanish Civil War to Ukraine”, by Vladimir Golstein:

On the one hand, there are “progressives” who take the side of Peoples Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk, with Russia providing the military support to the industrial East and paying the lip service to the concerns of its workers. Once again we have Western countries falling over backwards in their blatant anti-Russian propaganda, in their embrace of Orwellian doublespeak, in their implicit desire to squash the working class and its demands, while providing the full support of the bourgeois-fascist Kiev rulers and their Franco style politics. Various national, religious, and cultural issues complicate and obscure the underlying conflict that manifests itself in Ukraine, but I think we owe it to the genius of Orwell to see through these complications and recognize the hidden paradigm that is as relevant today as it was seventy years ago. We also owe it to Orwell to rise above the narrow “class” or political issues, and to fight for the truth, no matter where it takes us.” Read it all here, and also check this on the raising fascism in Ukraine

Russians saw this happen to them too – “the shock therapy” which should be called economic torture, actually – has killed or hastened the death of probably 20 million working people in Russia in the ‘90s – social crimes which were never admitted by the Western gurus of neo-liberalism, but which are very much alive in the memory of the people who live in Russia; just as the second World War is with perhaps the most brutal famine in the entire history imposed by the Nazis on a civilian population.

Wehrmacht soldier about Nazi Germany’ war against RussiaIf Russians ever paid back one half of what we have done, you won’t smile or sing again.”


St.Petersburg, people carry pictures of the Russian soldiers who perished in World War II.

A Russian soldier who fought in southern Russia: “I watched my mother and father die. I knew perfectly well that they were starving. But I wanted their bread more than I wanted them to stay alive. And they knew that. That’s what I remember about the blockade (of Leningrad): that feeling that you wanted your parents to die because you wanted their bread.”

The way Western “crats” claim Russians would actually desire again to be subjected to the same economic terrorism could stir laughter, but it is actually frightening since it exposes so tragically the utter arrogance of “the empire of good”.

In the past 25 years, the societies in Eastern Europe were brutally hit by the faccia of western colonization. The human damage was kept hidden by the fact that the economic war against the voiceless and powerless populations was enforced gradually, and that the propaganda, guilt and inferiority complexes were so carefully fabricated and went hand in hand with the destruction of any possibility of resistance, that the intensity of atrocities was kept low, or where they served complementary interests of the West, they were deliberately translated to ethnic conflicts – Balkan wars – , followed by NATO’s “peaceful” bombs, of course. In Eastern Ukraine, due to the internal historical conditions, the resistance against the West was immediate: war, airstrikes, bombs, torture, rape, beheadings, terror, atrocities and mass slaughter followed to such a scale that it could be said that United States have turned Ukraine into their Latin America colony. 

However, the crisis the West provoked in Ukraine confirms the real nature of the Cold War; which was not a clash between ideologies, as the propaganda claimed – “freedom against totalitarianism” -; but rather a standoff between the two blocks of power caused by the fact that after the World War II, the West was denied unrestricted access to Eastern Europe resources. This has been proved by the quarter of century after the wall between the east and west fell and the west assumed the role of “winner”. This, they assumed, was a right in itself to take back Eastern Europe, in what they call “integration” but what in reality is a colonization so total that cannot be compared with the control the USSR exerted over the economies under its sphere of influence.

It’s an ugly truth, which the west simply does not want to face, since they could not care less about the devastation they caused in Eastern Europe and in the Balkans. They call this “creative destruction” “to create markets”, which is actually capitalist accumulation for the rich scum in the West.

The Russian revolution was derailed from its path towards a libertarian society and democratic economic arrangements; but nobody can deny the material progress it brought to the societies in Russia and Eastern Europe, which in those times, were the medieval villages of Europe or to be more accurate, Western Europe’s third world. It’s relevant that the Nazis in Ukraine take down all the statues of Lenin, while they accuse Putin of being “a Stalinist”, but not a Leninst. It’s relevant they hate women in the west for the rights they still have; Lenin granted working class women rights they did not have at that time in the West.

These might seem details, but they are important if anyone wants to understand the reasons of the hatred towards Russia and east Ukraine: it’s not just against Russia but against the ideological legacy of Russia which still lives in east Ukraine. It’s not relevant for them that Putin is not Communist, sadly he’s a conservative and a capitalist. However it must be scary for Western leaders to hear Putin talk at home so relaxed about what the Russian Revolution was really meant to be and what it was not; it must be horrible to hear a politician today speak publicly about workers’ rights to control their lives and to control production, and admit that the Bolsheviks denied them that.

This civil war in Eastern Ukraine also bears in itself the attempts by Western governments to stage a coup or a regime change in Russia so they can place their “good guys” in power, like they did in Kyiv, and as a matter of fact, like they have also done in the rest of Eastern Europe and the Balkans. While Russia made clear that it cannot allow Ukraine to slaughter the population of East Ukraine – which was the intention of the Nazis who got to control political decision in Kyiv to a large extent after the coup in Kyiv on February 22, 2014 –; certain separatists, in certain key moments in the conflict, acted in ways which helped Western propaganda make credible their casus belli for a war with Russia.

Whose separatists?

The dynamic of the separatist leaders in east Ukraine could be an expression of the ways Moscow responded to the West’s attempts to trap it in Eastern Ukraine and “reward” it with a coup or all-out war; the second possibility has not evaded yet the minds of the war mongering, totalitarian, lying McCains in Washington and their pathetic, blood-thirsty NATO generals (just so they have no doubt: these are insults). The conflicts between the separatist leaders could also be an expression of the fights within the ruling classes in Russia, and they could reveal the traces left behind by the west in their attempts to carve their way into the Kremlin. The way western media favored Dugin – who is a fascist and a clown – so he could be attached to the image the west fabricated for their “demon” country has raised some eyebrows especially after this guy did all he could to make credible West’s accusations against Moscow.

Russia is certainly standing up to western hegemony, but the way Dugin managed to fool so many into presenting this like some biblical project of Putin responds to prejudices towards Russia which are dominant in the west and especially in Eastern Europe, where patriotism is identified with death wishes for Russia. 

These prejudices come to light especially when Russia refuses to be worse than Western “democracies”, and they reveal a brutal racism, which seems to be a reflex in the West and which is always present in the Western mentality. Whenever Russians piss off western leaders by proving them wrong, the media in the west calls it “defiance” (oh, you gods!).

However, Dugin has not been seen “playing chess” with Putin, but with Obama’s adviser, the same one who told the Mujahedeens in Afghanistan that “god is with them” and the same one who said he’d help create Al Qaeda again because destroying USSR, now Russia, is “worth it”.


Dugin and Brezinsky, old “chess” buddies.

 His name is Zbigniew Brezinsky and he is a sick war monger and a creator of terrorists.

Dugin was close to a separatist leader who formed “the Russian Orthodox Army” (some 500 fighters) just when the Nazi crusader who is the boss of SBU (Ukrainian Gestapo) needed to claim that they are fighting in the east orthodox “Jihadists” and “orthodox fundamentalism”; when in fact the religious terrorists – the knights, as neo-Nazi Yarosh calls them – are exactly those on his side (almost 100 churches Orthodox have been bombed on purpose by Ukrainian death squads (media calls them para-military “volunteer battalions”) and by the Ukrainian army in east Ukraine. This was also the separatist SBU recorded as claiming he had shut down MH17. He has pushed back for months the Ukrainian army from occupying Slavyansk. He also participated in the wars in the Balkans where he was accused of war crimes. Igor Strelkov constantly urged Russia to attack Ukraine, claiming it’s the only way it can stop an all-out war by the west. He even lied that they started the civil war, when Kyiv forced this was upon the east gradually – first were sent in the snipers who killed at random children, mothers, old people, people in balconies, shot at cars, at houses, then Kyiv’s tanks, grads, ballistic missiles, incendiary bombs, cluster bombs, and war planes terrorized and slaughtered en mass the local population. He actually dismissed the resistance of the local population in the east, which was a reality before anyone heard about him. Dugin also helped Kyiv discredit the Russian media by inventing stories about atrocities, when there was no need to invent anything since the reality of the civil war was totally graphic.

Russia is accused that it helps and arms the rebels – even though the accusers have provided no proof, probably such help was provided, but NAF (the rebel troops) got most of their weapons from the Ukrainian army, they either bought them or confiscated them in battle. What the accusers don’t mention, however, is that in the east is located most of the military industry of Ukraine; so the rebels had ways to provide the tanks. These rebels are also working people and they know how to repair them or make them work.

The war propaganda against Russia intensified after August 2014 when Russia downplayed certain separatists’ games in east Ukraine.

Since then, there were relentless attempts to set up Maidans in Moscow – all failed. There are attempts to fabricate them in Siberia, too. In December and in January there were attacks by Chechen insurgents in Grozny, which were repelled by Russian army. Several weeks later, the Chechen leader who participated on the side of Kyiv in the war against east Ukraine was killed; his death was deplored by US sponsored media and think-tank analysts who even expressed their concern that “volunteers” (terrorists, to be more exact) would have a difficult time to get to Ukraine.  

girkin russian nazis donbass ulcer

This one is now an “ex-terrorist” for Kyiv’s propaganda, he constantly urged Russia to attack Ukraine, just like Dugin did. This interview is posted by the Russian Nazis who are fighting in Azov against the people in Donbass and against Moscow.

West’s attempts at regime change in Russia failed in the moment they started their economic war against Russia, expressed by sanctions. Nuland openly admitted the aim of these sanctions was not necessarily Ukraine, but the manipulation of the population of Russia, which she hoped could turn against the Kremlin and pave the way for a coup in Russia (notice how they joke about the Nazis in Ukraine and how Nuland is pissed off that her cookies at the maidan were presented as such and not as sandwiches – this is “Russian propaganda” she claims; she obviously misses the point here: cookies are Marie Antoinette‘s “let them eat cake” which entered Europeans historical memory).

West’s Saudis also politically manipulated oil prices (such “free markets”, indeed) to deprive Russia of incomes; but it seems that Moscow used it against them – it bought for the state cheap shares in oil companies, thus increasing their control over them. (14)

Nuland said they want Russia to be “in their interest”. She even said they won’t be “Napoleon” (the subtext refers to waging war against Russia in winter conditions); she should have said Hitler, really, since they supported Nazis in Ukraine to do their dirty job, just like Hitler (Germany and UK also supported on purpose the fascists of OUN even in the ‘20s, so they can use them against Russia, even after the League of Nations declared them “terrorists” in 1926; Bandera was an agent of the German secret service and of Britain).


Russian nazi, one of the allies of Kyiv.


This was a conference in Washington openly instigating overthrowing the Russian government. It’s funny how it’s written like US foreign policy would be some leftist promoter of anti-capitalism (LOL) and not a conservative entity, supporting fascist dictatorships every chance they get.


“Open Russia” leader at the maidan in Kyiv.


Flags of Nazis from Russia and Ukraine in Moscow.

euromaidan khodorkovsky putin revo 1917

This is simply epic from the Nazi propagandists of Euromaidan; what they basically say is that they supported the Russian revolution and appreciate Lenin; while at home they took down some 400 statues of Lenin – who helped create their state.


Anders Protests moscow 30 dec putin hulio

This is one of Kyiv’s propagandists; he also called people in Russia “slaves” for not pleasing him, and for refusing to play the music Washington expected from them. That’s actually the opposite of slave, but western propagandists are not particularly people who think, they just like to repeat “dick” over and over again.


United States also passed several laws through which they assumed their “right” to repel “the Russian aggression against Ukraine” (which was denied by the commander of Ukrainian army, who said there are no Russian state troops in Ukraine, contradicting NATO). They even said nothing could stop them to send weapons (troops actually) to Ukraine, even if NATO refused. “Weapons” means in fact stocking foreign troops on the territory of Ukraine. This they had done ever since the civil war started, and continue to do so, now.

Andrey Parubyi, a long-term Nazi from UNA-UNSO, the coordinator of the Nazi shooters during the maidan – and later “the investigator” of the bloodshed on February 20th –, the organizer of the Odessa massacre of May 2, 2014– , visited Nuland and McCain, a year after the maidan, to ask for more weapons (and troops) and most likely did not come back empty handed. He is what the West used to call “freedom fighters” during the Cold War. They were and are Nazis.


U.S.’s Nuland and the one of the organizers of the coup d’etat in 2014 in Kyiv, the founder of a Nazi party in 1991, which changed its appearances but not its ideology. They talked guns.

parubyi + igor mazur UNA UNSO

The organizer of the Kyiv coup, the massacre in Odessa and one of the promoters of the civil war in Ukraine together with his old nazi buddy from UNA-UNSO.


This photograph which is taken from the page of one of Parubyi’s long term Nazi friends, Igor Mazur, shows the continuity of UPA and OUN and their fascism. The old man in the picture is the nephew of one of the founders of UPA.


When you want civil war in your country, you know who’s the guy to talk to in US Congress. 


Poroshenko after getting weapons, probably from US, via UAE. Three happy killers of children.


ISIS are such an inspiration for the nazis in Ukraine; the orange shirt says “Moskali”.

azov PR grozny the end of Russia celebrate

Also remember this is Azov’s PR boy.


Party of God, the Catholic version: UNA-UNSO.



This has been photographed in the Ukrainian parliament, which was previously blessed by priests so that “the evil demons of communism may be chased away” (the devil invoked as state policy). The cartoon praises the Ukrainian military crushing and destroying east Ukraine; it’s an admission of the reason they are waging this civil war against eastern Ukraine. “Western values” in all their splendor.


Kids going to school in military uniforms.


Kid from eastern Ukraine who lost her friends in the civil war.


Nazi UPA during one of their ceremonies, flags of Waffen SS and swastikas are placed next to a Catholic cross, signifying their belief in their crusade-like wars.

upa then now

They think this is cool.

14th Waf­fen SS Divi­sion (“Galicia”)–composed of Ukrain­ian personnel–being inspected by Hein­rich Himmler

Hein­rich Himmler inspecting Ukrainians from UPA as part of 14th Waf­fen SS Galicia Divi­sion.

ukr nazis vanquish Invaders

shkil_una_unso_shrine SS Galizien Galicia

A. Shkil one of the sickest Nazis in Ukraine, and one of the most important ideologues of UNA-UNSO at a shrine for Waffen SS Galizien Galicia in Western Ukraine in the ’90s.

US support of violent neo-Nazis in Ukraine׃ Video Compilation.mp4_snapshot_00.14.07_[2015.02.28_19.03.47]

Nazi from Lviv, trained and supported by UNA-UNSO.


Ukrainians in UPA as part of SS Galicia.

bbc propaganda rs invades ukr


This is one of the most epic failures in western media propaganda about “where do you see Nazis in Ukraine”; the swastikas behind him are the signatures the Nazis left on the Russian Embassy in July when they attacked it in retaliation for rebels taking down one of their war helicopters.


Nazi from Azov carrying the same old SS symbols on his uniform today.


UPA and OUN Nazis during 1943.

la glaive et la crois ukr nazis

Ukrainian Nazis’ credo: “The sword and the cross”, similar to religious mercenaries from the middle ages.ca0b9aa1f484efa01e7fd593c06156f0


Doctors, nurses and patients were killed in Kyiv’s bombings of hospitals in eastern Ukraine; this photo was taken during one of the many bombardments of the hospital in Donetsk by the Ukrainian army.


School in Donetsk bombed by Ukrainian army.


Kramatorsk, unarmed locals stop armed Ukrainian solder from invading their city, April 16, 2014, photo Reuters.


Hotel Europa turned into a humanitarian center bombed by Ukrainian army while people were waiting in line to receive aid so they can survive.


Ukrop president Peter Poroshenko, proving how “cool” it is for him to slaughter civilian population.


Ukrop president went to Paris to put on a compassionate face for the victims of January attacks; while in his country Nazi battalions invaded again the home of local women to rob them and while they resisted, they shot them dead.


This man was kidnapped from the street by the Ukrainian Nazis for absolutely no reason; was taken to SBU and tortured to death.

resident of debalcevo swears at ukr military

Unarmed woman from Debalcevo swears at armed Ukrainian solider, accusing him of bombing and terrorizing them.

donetsk july 1

Donetsk July 1st, 2014.

22 gorlovka feb 4_4B7UXFzNCIAEm6K6 B8h6ml7IgAARMdU B9VcJI1CMAErG2U

donetsk aug 15 1

Donetsk, Ukrainian army bombing the city at night, August 15 2014.

donbass uragan cooker

Kid from Donbass uses the remains of an Uragan rocket which his parents improvised into a cooker.

donetsk sergei ilnitsky

Donetsk, photo by Sergei Ilnitsky.


Lugansk people living without electricity after Ukrainian army repeatedly bombed the power plants. Maybe hundreds of workers were killed in eastern Ukraine by Nazi snipers when they exposed themselves to repair the utilities which were bombed the next day by the brave Ukrainian army.


Ukrop president recognizing Ukraine’s state terrorism:

People wait to be rescued on an upper storey ledge during a fire at the trade union building in Odessa

The massacre in Odessa on May 2, 2014 marked the start of Ukraine’s state terrorism, fascist repression and civil war against eastern Ukraine.


azov mariupol orange armbands

Funeral of one UNA-UNSO from Belarus, killed at the maidan, mid January 2014.

poroshenko medal neonazi belarus


This scum is another hero in Ukraine today. He is UNA-UNSO which, under the guidance of Parubyi, organized and committed the massacre at Odessa on May 2, 2014, which marked the start of the state terrorism against eastern Ukraine and took place in the same day when the government from Kyiv send battalions of Nazis and state soldiers to invade, crush and occupy the villages and cities in the east of the country. Until then, the inhabitants were sporadically gunned down by snipers; several people every day. Then the government sent Grads so they can kill them in tens and hundreds.


This is the Ukrop president of Ukraine.

ukrops forcing prisoner to kiss flag

bruce springnote slavyansk painting banks got the message

This was posted by Mykola Lebed’s nephew who commanded a death nazi squad battalion in eastern Ukraine; he was killed in August and so praised by western media. Lebed was part of Bandera’s OUN gang, he ran their Gestapo sector. He was a nazi war criminal protected by the United States government. (See separate blog detailing how he had fun in Ukraine torturing Jews).

Ukrainian prime-minister crying and demanding weapons from the United States: We fight for our freedoms and for our independence” 


Nazis on the stage at the maidan, during the fascist coup a year ago.


Nazis doing the Hitler salute while invading eastern Ukraine.

junta will come 2

How Nazis in Ukraine present themselves, notice the symbol of Mussolini’s fascism. This is from one of their pages.


Following the “logic” of today’s western media, they will soon claim that these were not Nazis either.

fifa azov documentary 6

Nazis from Azov during one of the massacres in Mariupol; they also bombed this city in the winter to discredit the rebels because they knew they are deeply hated in the city they keep under occupation.


Nazis advertising the reason for civil war in Eastern Ukraine. What makes it “cool” for them.


(1) President of Ukraine still lies there is “no civil war” in Ukraine. The forced war mobilization is illegal, because the war is not recognized by the state of Ukraine; instead it’s called “anti-terrorism” operation (millions of people are considered combatants and are treated as such, they are to be crushed by death squads and terror for political reasons, actually, Nazis even admitted this).

(2) Kyiv state officials do not even hide any longer that their death squads are Nazis. Kyiv needs “the Russian invasion” to justify their Nazis who are terrorizing not just the war torn east Ukraine, but the rest of the country too. This Ukrainian ambassador claims that the tanks and war planes Kyiv has sent against the civilian population of east Ukraine, in April-May 2014, meant, of course, “Russia attacked us” since it’s just logic that Moscow can send tanks from Kyiv to slaughter 50,000 people (most of them Russian speaking) in east Ukraine, and bomb them day and night for 10 months, with impunity.

This ambassador confirms the fact that Ukrainian army at first refused to slaughter civilians in east Ukraine (this is in fact what Kyiv means by “Russia attacked us”). The state army were subjected to tests and the soldiers who said they cannot kill women and children were fired. This is what the ambassador means by “we had no army”; confirming their war in east Ukraine is indeed one of extermination. They also passed a law giving officers permission to execute on the spot the soldiers who do not fully obey them (for instance if they refuse to fire on houses and people on the streets, schools or hospitals, or kids at playgrounds; many paramilitary and officers went to east Ukraine to plunder; locals were also tortured and thousands of women and girls were raped, some even beheaded afterward). When the Ukrainian ambassador says their Nazi death squads do not do “anything outside the control of Kyiv”, that means the Ukrainian state actually subscribes to the war crimes committed by these Nazis in the east, which were superficially and just in part documented by “human rights organisations” (these organisations mostly act as part of war propaganda machine, but what the Nazis did was too much even for them). 
What this ambassador does not say is that it’s not them who control the nazis, it’s the other way around: the Nazis control the politicians in Kyiv, since, after Odessa May 2 massacre they have been gradually incorporated into state structures (at the pressures of NATO; this is actually what Hitler did with his death squads too) and now they have become so powerful within the state apparatus and the society of Ukraine that they actually set the rules. There is no far right party in the parliament, this ambassador claims, which is a lie; half of Rada’s MPs were elected independently of parties and lots of them are Nazis; their own prime-minister has accepted Azov’s Nazis in his political formation, and Azov’s leader is a member of parliament; such are UNA-UNSO’s Yarosh and many others. 
If anyone contests Bandera, or shows Kyiv is lying risks being arrested, jailed and many end up tortured by SBU, which has been turned into Ukraine’s Gestapo. Their prime-minister even called people who protested against the forced impoverishment “Russian agents”, which in Ukraine today is like issuing a death sentence. Video here: []

(3) The shootings at the maidan came from the side of the “peaceful protesters”; see separate blog detailing this. One relevant video here:

 (4) Noam Chomsky on the 500 year old Conquest, here:


(5) The Crusade for Freedom was an American propaganda campaign operating from 1950–1960. Its public goal was to raise funds for Radio Free Europe; it also served to conceal the CIA’s funding of Radio Free Europe and to generate domestic support for American Cold War policies.

(6) Ronald Reagan’s address to Members of the British Parliament; June 8, 1982. His speech competes with the Orwellian official language of the totalitarian systems in the east:
(7) Probably they did the same in other European countries, for which NATO have been suspected but never held accountable. These waves of terror in Europe are quite similar to the recent shootings from France and Czech Republic (countries which publicly expressed opposition to NATO’s war plans against Russia). See Nato’s secret armies, and a research on it demanding accountability.

(8) Silvia Federici, “Caliban and the Witch“, you may download it all from this link.

* quote from George Orwell, “Animal Farm”

(9) “Parallel states are common under totalitarian systems. “The Anatomy of Fascism” by Robert O. Paxton: “It may be that the earliest phenomenon that can be functionally related to fascism is American: the Ku Klux Klan. Just after the Civil War, some former Confederate officers, fearing the vote given to African Americans in 1867 by the Radical Reconstructionists, set up a militia to restore an overturned social order. The Klan constituted an alternate civic authority, parallel to the legal state, which, in the eyes of the Klan’s founders, no longer defended their community’s legitimate interests. By adopting a uniform (white robe and hood), as well as by their techniques of intimidation and their conviction that violence was justified in the cause of their group’s destiny,88 the first version of the Klan in the defeated American South was arguably a remarkable preview of the way fascist movements were to function in interwar Europe.”

US funded journalists in Ukraine: “How volunteers created a parallel state“:
“There exist dozens, if not hundreds, of other organizations that perform various charity functions as a result of the current Russian invasion. Like the volunteer battalions, these organizations fill in the role that the state has been unable to.”

(10) George Soros in Munich, read here more.

(11) He may mock the Russian TVs reporting on the Ukrainian Nazis (that still does not mean the Nazis are not there, even if he white washes them like this paper constantly did), but he never once questioned his own government who adopted their grandfathers and uncles who committed pogroms and exterminated civilian populations in the Nazis’ killing fields of Eastern Europe. Why he does not is something not even his psychiatrist could tell. But you see, living in Russia causes you life-long childhood trauma. It’s better to live in the US where you can be simply executed by police on the streets for being black or jailed to rot in some private prison if you’re black. Also, he confronts what he sees on TV with his own “reality”; where TVs in the US are not seen as war and capitalist propaganda, but as “war for civilization.” Imperialists are incredibly pathetic.
(12) Noam Chomsky: “Recent history shows that it makes little difference to us what form of government a country has so long as it remains an “open society,” in our peculiar sense of this term—that is, a society that remains open to American economic penetration or political control. If it is necessary to approach genocide in Vietnam to achieve this objective, than this is the price we must pay in defense of freedom and the rights of man.”

(13) Carl Bildt (who was never held accountable for his involvement in the civil war in Darfur who benefited oil corporations in Sweden) in 1992 talking about the “New World Order“: “If we succeed in that (liberal democracies and properous economies…), I mean they primarily with our help, that’s not enough, then we must have local cooperation for free trade arangements that includes everyone… the rule of the law not only in those countries, but also the rule of the law in international relations.” (translation: liberal democracies and prosperous economies = capitalist total dictatorship, the unbrindled enrichment of the ruling class and the strangling of the working class; rule of the law in international relations: their corporations get unrestricted access to any resource they want, when they want and nobody is to make a fuss about it.)


(14) “Detering Democracy“: “It is often not appreciated how profound and deeply rooted is the contempt for democracy in the elite culture, and the fear it arouses.” “Former UN Ambassador Daniel Moynihan in his memoir of his years at the United Nations, where he describes frankly his role as Indonesia invaded East Timor in December 1975:
“… within a few weeks some 60,000 people had been killed, “10 percent of the population, almost the proportion of casualties experienced by the Soviet Union during the Second World War.”
“The United states wished things to turn out as they did, and worked to bring this about. The Department of State desired that the United Nations prove utterly ineffective in whatever measures it undertook. This task was given to me, and I carried it forward with no inconsiderable success.”
Sponsorship of state-guided international terrorism and economic management designed for short-term gain for the wealthy are the most notable features of the Reagan era, but there are others. In this brief review, I have not even mentioned what may be the most dangerous legacy of Reagan, Thatcher, and the rest. Coming generations are going to face problems that are quite different in scale and complexity from any that have arisen before. The possible destruction of a physical environment that can sustain human life in anything Like its present mode is one of the most dramatic of these, along with the proliferating threat of weapons of mass destruction and continuing conflicts among adversaries with increasing capacity to cause terrible damage. That these problems have a solution is not so obvious. That exaltation of greed to the highest human value is not the answer is quite obvious. Tales about private vices yielding public benefits could be tolerated in a world Living less close to the margin, but surely can no longer. By celebrating the ugliest elements of human nature and social life, the Reaganites have set back, by some uncertain measure, the prospects for coming to terms with grave dilemmas and possible catastrophes.
Coming generations will pay the costs. That is the legacy of these years even if we permit ourselves not to see the misery and torture of our victims throughout much of the world.
Short of a real counterrevolution, reversing many social and political gains of the past and imposing novel repressive patterns, the United States cannot adopt these forms of authoritarian state-corporate rule.
The Soviet hobgoblin has served admirably for the domestic and international designs of US elites, who are far from overjoyed to see it fade from view.
Eastern Europeans are, “in a way, luckier than Central Americans,” Godoy wrote: “while the Moscow-imposed government in Prague would degrade and humiliate reformers, the Washington-made government in Guatemala would kill them. It still does, in a virtual genocide that has taken more than 150,000 victims . . . [in what Amnesty International calls] a ‘government program of political murder’.” That, he suggested, is “the main explanation ‘ for the fearless character of the students’ recent uprising in Prague: the Czechoslovak Army doesn’t shoot to kill…. In Guatemala, not to mention El Salvador, random terror is used to keep unions and peasant associations from seeking their own way”-and to ensure that the press conforms or disappears, so that Western liberals need not fret over censorship in the “fledgling democracies” they applaud. There is an “important difference in the nature of the armies and of their foreign tutors. ” In the Soviet satellites, the armies are “apolitical and obedient to their national government,” while in the US satellites, “the army is the power,” doing what they have been trained to do for many decades by their foreign tutor. “One is tempted to believe that some people in the White House worship Aztec gods-with the offering of Central American blood.” They backed forces in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua that “can easily compete against Nicolae Ceausescu’s Securitate for the World Cruelty Prize.”
Godoy quotes a European diplomat who says, “as long as the Americans don’t change their attitude towards the region, there’s no space here for the truth or for hope.” Surely no space for nonviolence and love.
One will search far to find such truisms in US commentary, or the West in general, which much prefers largely meaningless (though self-flattering) comparisons between Eastern and Western Europe. Nor is the hideous catastrophe of capitalism in the past years a major theme of contemporary discourse-a catastrophe that is dramatic in Latin America and other domains of the industrial West, in the “internal Third World” of the United States, and the “exported slums” of Europe. Nor are we likely to find much attention to the fact, hard to ignore, that the economic success stories typically involve coordination of the state and financial-industrial conglomerates, another sign of the collapse of capitalism in the past sixty years. It is only the Third World that is to be subjected to the destructive forces of free market capitalism, so that it can be more efficiently robbed and exploited by the powerful.”
National Security State and Fascism“: “Because the National Security State is U.S.-sponsored and supported and meets U.S. criteria on the fundamentals, there is another important international consequence: the mass media in the United States play down and essentially suppress the evidence of the enormous inhumanities and institutionalized violence of these U.S. satellites. The trial of a single Soviet dissident, Anatol Shcharansky, received more newspaper space in 1978 than the several thousand official murders in Latin America during the same year, not to speak of the vast number of lesser events such as tortures and massive dispossession. Information on Latin American horrors is readily available from church and other sources eager to tell the ghastly story, but-to put the matter baldly-the sponsors of class warfare under subfascism are hardly eager to focus attention on its victims. Just as in the case of warfare in Vietnam, both killing and ruthless exploitation at a distance are best done by proxy or through impersonal machinery, with eyes averted. The Free World establishment wisely chooses to focus on movements of the “gross national product” of Brazil, without too much attention to who gets what and how. The Free World media also concentrate on “terror,” defined as we have seen so as to exclude official violence by definition; and the media allow the world of subfascism to be viewed largely through the eyes of the torturers and U.S. officials and businessmen. U.S. power and interest have put a communications lid on the fate of the great majority of the population of Latin America under U.S.-sponsored subfascism. Thus the churches fight a lonely battle as the last institutional protection of the mass of the population, with the primary enemy an absentee ownership interest supported by a super-power. In Latin America it is widely recognized that the origin and preservation of the National Security State rests on U.S. support. It is the ultimate Orwellism that this same superpower is thought in the West to be fighting a noble battle for “human rights.”

 (15) It’s interesting how part of Western propaganda intends to link Russia to the creation of ISIS, after Russia sent Iraq planes to bomb them. In fact, these 100,000 paid mercenaries, terrorists, and fascists are also recruited from the West and financed from the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and most likely others with rich bank accounts who are never under public scrutiny, occasionally helped by Turkey. The way they employ terror as counter-insurgency is so striking similar to what western death squads did in the countries that were to be colonized (these death squads used Nazis from WWII protected by the west and the same tactics SS used in Eastern Europe): they behead and burn people publicly, they rape and take women and girls in slavery, they take pleasure in slaughtering people.
They destroy the Middle East in ways the medieval crusaders could not do it, and in ways which that reveal something more than hatred: envy. Such systematic destruction of local history and ancient culture on such scale was employed by Talibans in Afghanistan and by the army of the United States in Iraq.
In the West, they are used by fascists and nazis in fueling Islamophobia, which is actually a cover for the state-enforced policies against refugees and immigrants.
Most likely, they are also the guns of the scramble for Middle East oil resources.
It’s also interesting that Murdoch’s Vice, which supported the Nazis in Ukraine, were not at risk to be kidnapped by ISIS when they embedded with them and filmed with them.


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