Miners In Donetsk Call For World To Stop Kyiv Fascists’ Massacres In The East of Ukraine


This child was murdered by the Ukrainian forces on June 8 when they bombed Slavyansk. She was 6 years old.

This is what Kyiv’s “anti-terrorist operation” means in Eastern Ukraine:

This is how nazis see the people they murder in eastern Ukraine:


This was shared by Yarosh, they see Russians as “colorado beetles”, not as human beings.

These are nazis holding a pro-war demonstration in Kyiv, they demand that their military campaign in eastern Ukraine not be stopped.


Nazis who are killing civilians in eastern Ukraine see themselves as a reincarnation of Hitler’s SS Galicia division and of the UPA who committed horrific massacres during World War II. Their ideology sees tolerance as a crime. Wolfsangel is a nazi symbol, it is the expression of their idea of nation. These images are part of their own propaganda, it’s not the Russians who post them, it’s the nazis from Western Ukraine posting them relentlessly.


2nd ss panzer division

These are the nazis sponsored and supported by NATO countries. They attacked Russia four times already, last time when they shelled its territory they murdered a man and injured two other people, they hit houses and a bloc of flats in Russia’s territory. Nazis hope to drag NATO into a full-scale war with Russia, which would give them the perfect cover to “wipe out” the Russian ethnics in eastern Ukraine. This is the real aim of their “national revolution”. We’ll explain in another blog, extensively, why they should be called nazis and how they see their “national revolution”.


reblog from this source,

“This is an appeal from Mikhail Alexeevich Krylov, who is the representative of the Independent Donetsk Miners’ Trade Union. He was co-chairman of the City Strike Committee in Donetsk during the big miners’ strikes in 1991 and later on in the 1990s. He is now the leader of the Independent Miners Union of Donetsk, which organises over 1,000 mine-workers.

Statement from Independent Donetsk Miners’ Trade Union

Brother miners,

We need to explain to you the true state of affairs in Donbas. The real picture of what is happening has been misinterpreted or hushed by European media. We understand that you may not find it easy to come to the correct conclusions; and therefore, we declare that we – the miners – are forced to fight with weapons in our hands for the sake of our lives – in the name of survival!

Our interest in this confrontation is one: end the bloodshed! The end of the war will be the trial of the war criminals that began it. We can not give up, because it would mean our full moral and physical destruction! From the outset, “Euromaidan” has been under the control of the big bourgeoisie: Ukrainian oligarchs and their foreign masters. In February of this year, there was a coup in Ukraine with the active participation of neo-Nazi organizations. In response to this, there was a protest movement in the South-East of the country, which at first was pushing innocuous slogans such as federalization and Russian as a second state language. This was greeted with terror.

In Donbas, there is a real war in which civilians are killed: including the elderly, women and children. You are being blatantly lied to that this war is between Ukraine and Russia. But it is not so! The war is between the people and a handful of oligarchs with the support of the EU and U.S. authorities. The tragedy in Ukraine is that, those in power, managed to infect the people with certain fascist ideas. We, the residents of Donbas, fight against all manifestations of Nazism and Fascism. We fight with weapons in hand, for our lives and the lives of our loved ones. We have nowhere to retreat – this is our land! We appeal to you, the workers of the European countries, asking for your help and solidarity: help us break the stronghold of fascism in Ukraine. This will be our common victory!

Mikhail Alexeevich Krylov,

Representative from Independent Donetsk Miners’ Trade Union

NOTE: Donetsk miners marched on June 18 against Kiev’s “anti-terrorist operation” and gave a 48-hour ultimatum that they would take up arms unless the war stopped.”


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